USB Audio still coming out of audio jacks?

I’m planning to take my Digitone and iPad with me on a trip and I don’t want to bring my soundcard if I don’t need it. I’m testing out the DN and AUM to see how stable it is as I’ve read some stuff about it. It seems that with USB audio, the signals still go out the main jacks, which makes AUM act more like a SEND unit than the actual master mixer. Is there a way to have the audio going out to just USB and have the audio jacks only output what is coming in on the USB?

Can’t remember the exact setting, but in DN’s audio routing isn’t there something set to “auto” that can be changed? I had it working a few days ago.

Couldn’t find anything that changed it.

I’ll go give it a whirl…

Totally working for me.

Digitone 1.30

Settings>System>USB Config>USB Audio/MIDI

Settings>Audio Routing>Int to main>off

Turned USB to main up a little to better hear AUM.

When I mute the USB input channel in aum it mutes the digitone synth audio but still plays other aum audio through the digitone outputs.


I’m def an idiot. Haha. Thanks!

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For those who may wonder: works like a charm with digitakt as well!

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We’ve all done it.

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If you switch it to auto instead of off it will “reconnect” when you’ve finished.

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AUTO does not work for me. It seems that with AUTO, it still plays through both AUM and the main outs.

I believe that auto cuts the signal to the output jacks when overbridge is connected. I’m 90% sure of that without checking the manual. :slight_smile:


So I was just testing out a portable rig with the iPad and DN. All working well. Only issue is that the headphone jack mirrors the outputs (makes sense) which means I have to plug my headphones into the iPad instead of the DN. Not a really problem, but def something to consider.

What are you trying to monitor differently from the main outs? Are you doing cue mixes in the iPad or something?

Nothing. I wanted everything to be mixed and recorded on the iPad. Again, it’s not a problem as much as a bit of an annoyance. The iPad headphone jack isn’t the most robust thing out there. Luckily, I have an iPad that has the headphone jack. If I didn’t, then it’d be an issue.

It means there’s no way to monitor the DN fully wet with fx if you don’t have a headphone jack on the iPad itself, right?

The way I do it with a digitakt is that I cut the digitakt from its main out, and get its signal into AUM via USB on the iPad. Then I send it back, as well as all sound from the iPad, to the Digitakt imoutavia USB and listen by plugging my headphones on the digitakt. Works great.

@amaury That’s exactly what I’m doing with the Digitone but cutting the main outs also cuts the headphone outs from when I send the signal back to the iPad. What you’re describing is exactly what I want to happen.

Ah OK. I guess the difference is that on the Digitakt, the input is not routed to the main, which in this case is a advantage ( disadvantage is that we can’t monitor with effects…)

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So oddly enough, I just set everything up again and my headphones are workong out of the DN with just the iPad audio.

I think I had a similar issue with the DNK; I couldn’t understand what was happening and swore it wasn’t like that last week. I will have to try again; maybe mine will magically be fixed as well. Would be good to try to identify and report what makes it happen if that’s even possible, assuming it happens again. I too will try to keep an eye out.