USB-C dock recommendations


Anyone had any luck with USB-C docks? Any recommendations? Thanks!

Edit: I’m needing lots of USB and somehow also a Thunderbolt 2 connection to a Sonnet chassis with 3 RME HDSPe cards installed. Displayport too.

It’s not USB-C but if you’re needing a dock for a Mac or PC with Thunderbolt, I have the CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt dock and it is great. It is pretty pricey but offers lots of connectivity, power, etc. Built like a tank, does everything I need it to. I love it (which is something I would have never thought I would say about a dock).


it’s not even having HDMI …what a bummer

I swear by this

agree 100%

a TB3 dock is what is needed and that is a great one.

You’ll need an Apple TB3 to TB2 adapter to go between your Sonnet and the TB3 dock, FYI.
No way around it.


I should add that the USB-C connector in this case, on a relatively new MacBook, is Thunderbolt3. :slight_smile:

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Finally needing a USB hub—and thinking I knew that there’s no such thing as a USB-C hub—I went into my local Apple Store to see what they had, and I discovered this TS3. It’s fantastic., I mean, it also charges my MacBook Pro 16". How come I never saw this before? Sticker shock, but worth it.

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Caldigit TS3? They have pretty poor rating – you might have luck. But I’ve read they are making noises and lose connection quite often.

Yesterday I made a research and saw Thunderbolt 4 is now a thing and the hubs/docks are coming right now. Not many I have seen so far but OWC has one for example

Shipping in May though… but at least the prices are a bit less insane (150 bucks including vat/shipping) – still in dongle / adapter / daisy chain hell though since it only has one USB A…

Well, I’m liking the features and the convenience so far, with three USB-C ports. I am getting noise when I plug my AudioFuse Studio into it, but now that I’ve freed up USB-C ports on my laptop, I can use one of those when necessary, which also give me a bit of noise. We’ll see how it goes when my mixer with USB-C comes back from the shop.

I purposefully bought it at the Apple Store so that I can simply walk in any time during the next two weeks and dump it on the spot. After that, though, it’s standard warranty stuff for a year.

I’ve had mine for ages and it doesn’t make any noise, and it’s never lost connection. I still love it (which as I said upthread is a weird thing to say about a dock)


update: now I’m not getting any noise. Maybe the noise I got before was due to something external.