USB C Hubs?

I’m looking for the most reliable hub out there for USBc/Thunderbolt 3. I just got the 2017 MBP but I still need my Elektron Overhub, HDMI display, Apogee Duet 2 USB interface, and Thunderbolt 2 external hard drives. I originally bought the Hyperdrive USBc Hub ( (GARBAGE), now I just purchased the “Best USB-C hub on the market”, the Bourge Design Arc Hub (, and that’s garbage too. Same issues as the Hyperdrive - connectors are faulty, HDMI works when it wants to, ejects my external, disconnects my Duet 2. Clearly these things can’t support the bandwidth that us audio enthusiasts need.

I already have the Apple USC-C to Thunderbolt 2 ( for my one external drive that I have my projects and samples on, an Apple USB-C to USB-A adapter ( as an extra, and my guess would be that I should get the Apple USB C Digital AV Multiport Adapter ( to serve all my needs but I am reading a lot of bad reviews on that too. Any one have any suggestions?

I have a slightly less complex setup, but is supposed to be really good if you want to connect as much as possible to a single USB-C port.