USB class Compliant Audio Hosts

Hi all!

Does anyone know of any devices that can be used with the Syntakts USB connectivity to break out to individual outputs. Obviously this works when plugging it into a computer but are there any devices that exist so that a computer wouldn’t be needed?

I can’t seem to find anything. Just to be clear, I’m looking for a USB class compliant host that I can plug the Syntakt into via USB that has audio outputs for some/all the tracks.


Not currently. However, you could purchase a SBC/SOC capable of running windows, with a lightweight daw. Set the daw to run at startup, and set the daw to open to a template project running overbridge with outputs premapped. Then you could use something like audioinjector for the hardware individual outputs. Wrap it up in a 3d printed box and be good to go.

Overbridge is DAW only and that’s not great

Thanks for the prompt response both!

Is overbridge required? I thought being a class compliant device it can just be plugged into a class compliant host and all the tracks show up as outputs. Can’t test it at the moment as I’m away from my computer for a while. Bit of a bummer if overbridge is required.

I would rather not use a windows based device.

the (non-Overbridge) USB Audio it outputs to anything DAWless is just going to be two-channel stereo audio. only Overbridge into a DAW separates the tracks

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