USB Config menu / Overbridge Mode

Hi guys

Noob here - my first post so apologies if I’m asking stupid questions. I’m a new user of Electron products and have a Keys which I am playing for the first time today. Sounds phenomenal!

Keys OS is 1.28

Trying to get stuck into Overbridge but can’t even get this Keys into Overbridge mode. Hitting function + song to get to USB config menu and then I have absolutely no idea what the next menu means.

01: 1 x A01 120.0

Please help?

many thanks in advance

That is the arranger. You want function global. Try to last button on the right? I have an a4 so I can’t be more specific.

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Ok thanks - found that global menu - manual says Usb config menu is under system menu but all Im getting under system is

os upgrade
format + drive

where is the usb config?

really sorry you are having to walk me through this and I appreciate your time sir

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Not at all.

That’s where it is on mine. Top of that list. Maybe double check os version or reinstall using the c6 utility?

Are you sure you don’t need to arrow over to the list and scroll up?

By the way, hang in there. It takes a while but it gets better.

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its definitely not there - tried arrowing the list and scrolling

I will try the c6 utlity but I have OS 1.28 installed on the keys and with overbrige it only has a system upgrade of 1.21. It says in manual to never downgrade OS on the keys?

I’m hanging in there :slight_smile: - feels very different to the Prophet I have. This OS is going to take some getting used to. The manual isn’t completely awesome either lol

seriously thanks for your patience man - I dunno who else to ask

There is no 1.28 (yet). You probably have 1.02B, which is pre-Overbridge.
Download 1.21B from the Elektron website and install it.
Who said the AF/AK screen is too small?

ha - I need my bloody eyes testing - thanks mate - gonna give it a whack and will let you know :slight_smile:

IT WORKS! Thanks Peter :slight_smile:

BTW - I cannot get over how massive this synth sounds!


Don’t stop and you will be impressed how super-cool is elektron sequencer with parameter and sound locks! Don’t use AK only for sequencing it from DAW using Overbridge – try to create the whole song using only AK internal features. Keep in mind that Elektron is a hardware company first.

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thanks for the encouragement! my journey begins! :slight_smile: