Usb port hub

My Overbridge apps were not visible in my Applications folder when I first installed on my newer Mac. I had to search from Finder to even be able to locate them. After I opened them, they became available in the Applications folder. It is entirely possible that there is a directory issue when you first installed. Worth trying if you haven’t yet.

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Wow, thanks to all… That was a pain in the ass… But got both computers running now. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Overbridge wasn’ t the most imperative thing in the world… Bit after using it its beerrrèy nice…As i havent touched my computer like in a year… Back to tape and old analog recordings style thanks, hainbach. I lost intrest in using it…
Even for my ot i just put all maschine samples into it.
Thanks again$!!!


For the interest of the Community, what was the problem?

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Drivers werwnt showing up. Till the 5th or 6th time i reimatalled again … A bug for sure.