Usb port hub

Do i need the usb hub to make my a4 work with overb ???.. It dosent show up… At all…dosent show it connected.

Also i thought i upgraded my a4 is 1.4a an update or was the 1.4b better???

Make sure that on your A4 settings “Overbridge” is selected instead of USB Midi.

No USB hub is needed, a regular USB port will do.


Its on overbridge

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Try with other USB ports.

Got 6 of them none work… Unistall,reinstall ready,repeat… I like dawless ,but would be nice to use a 1,500 synth in a daw. Doswnt wven recognize the a4

Try another computer if that‘s possible?

Its on overbridge…

Ill try that now. on other another mac

Have you checked the midi settings on A4 to make sure you are sending and receiving from USB and not just from the 5 pin? Midi + usb or just usb in port settings.

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Just usb ob.

Just try using the A4 as a sound card output device because that’s a much simpler set up. To be crystal, just get it to send video on computer>a4>headphones.

If that’s not working you know it doesn’t involve ob software.

Make sure the NEW Elektron plugins downloaded with Overbridge are in the right folder on your computer.

On mac would it be audio?

It dosent even show up on bitwig, ableton a audio interface.

Hi, sorry but the cable its works? change the cable…maybe is this… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, used theres and others. Now using a diffeent mac to see what happens .

If it’s not showing up, a faulty cable may be the cause. A new Elektron cable does not means that it’s working properly.

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lots of helpful info here:

thinks of note that you haven’t mentioned, and basic trouble shooting info:

MacOS version? Which are you on? OB2 only works from OS 10.12 to 10.15

OB2 version? Which are you on? is the latest. Confirm you have the latest.

Ok, yes, try another Mac, you may not have the Overbridge engine application open? if yes … does it appear on it?

Tried other computer and it works … Engine finds it as other mac dosent… Wierd… Problem this is not my main studio computer…
Mayne there some file still hidden somewhere. That hidden on mac 1

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