USB recording issues with Boutiques + Model Cycles

I’ve been trying to record some jams lately using the Roland TB03, SH01a and Model Cycles. To save on hassle, I was hoping to connect them all via USB and record them via an aggregate audio device on my Mac, but I’m finding I’m getting random glitches - not a huge amount, but at least one per time I try to record a track!

I am pretty sure the glitches are occurring on one of the Boutique channels, as I can hear the glitches going through the effects I have on there. I’ve tried connecting the USB directly rather than via a hub but it didn’t make much difference. My Mac is a 2.9ghz 8 core 16” MacBook so performance there shouldn’t be an issue. I’m using a 512 sample buffer, I can’t honestly say if it performs better/worse than 128/256 - all of them have had some glitching.

Any thoughts or similar experiences? Could the USB cables themselves be an issue?! I don’t have spare Micro ones unfortunately but guess I could order some. Seems more likely to me that Roland’s drivers are a bit dodgy (the Boutiques are not class compliant) and I will have to hook up my interface to record - not the end of the world but I was hoping to be able to get away without!

All this is reminding me why I have t touched the computer for music for ages :joy: but some of those plugin effects sound so good, seems a shame not to use them…