Use of "sounds"?


I’ve got the digitakt for several years now and I use it quite a lot.

There’s one function I never use though: the whole “sounds” concept, including the sound pool.

I just don’t see much use for it; if I want multiple sounds/samples on one track I might just as well parameterlock them in.

Do you use sounds? and if so: what for?

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Sounds are a nice concept. For example: You managed to create a nice bass sound out of a SingleCycleWaveform … you can save it and have all those tweaks ready for a future track - to be tweaked further without starting from 0. You can of course always start from the beginning. Your choice.

But I don’t use them either / not very often. I find it too much menu diving - and I’d like to be able to save p-locks as sounds as well.

Also you can press Shift and use Tracklevel knob to dial in a Sound from the Pool very quickly (or for each step)


In that case I just go to the original track and do TRK+CPY / TRK+PASTE

So you could say I do use the sound concept, but only for cpy/pst purposes, ignoring any storage/pool options

Not if you’re already in a new project (also possible … but loading times would not make it a fluent workflow) - it’s a global feature, that’s nice about it.


Typical use for sounds would be:
a) if you’re using two or more sounds on a single track let’s say for a kick and a snare to save a track for something else. Some might find that a little more convenient.
b) if you plan to perform live changes on a pattern using Ctrl-All a locked sound will remain unaffected from that change. This can’t be achieved through copy and paste actions in that way.


oooh; thats a nice tip! Didn’t realise that yet…

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I like to have a breakbeat saved as a sound with all the necessary “time-stretch” settings on start point, lfo and a little cutoff in de lower bass region with the basefilter. Those settings are handy to recall in whatever project you work in. You can load that sound onto a track and replace the sample with another loopsample from the +drive. Increase workflow that way.


I use them for Sound Locks on the Digitone all the time. Do they also do this on Digitakt ?

Never use them on digitakt
I probably would if it had sound mapping to keys ( like digitone has )
Digitakt is quite basic though , I mostly just trigger a sample to play, no complicated lfo/ envelope settings


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+1 for Global. That’s the handiest thing for me. To even just have a handful of sounds that are ready for any project at any time without any searching or sample importing. A nice way to save a few steps sometimes.

I wonder who uses sounds at all. I don’t.

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I use Sounds more often than I visit the +drive for a plain sample, its nice having a selection of favourites ready to go.