Use Seq/Arp of Keystep while in Slave Mode

Hi guys, as the title says…is this possible. I have Elektron Trinity and would like to sync the arp/seq of my Keystep with the A4.

Yes, it’s totally feasible.
You might have to check the little switches on the back of the Keystep. But yes, I do it all the time.

could you explain how you do this because it seems that the arp/seq of the Keystep only works when switches are set to Internal Clock.

Correct @Gilera
Section 3.3 in the manual states: The arpeggiator will not run if the sync selection switches are set to something other than Internal and no external clock is present.

And it states as well:
7.2 As Slave
KeyStep functions as a slave to an external clock when one of those options is selected on the rear panel (USB, MIDI or Sync In).
When KeyStep is in Slave mode:
 The Tempo controls will not control the internal sequencer or arpeggiator while the external source is running.
 The KeyStep transport section will still perform as usual; you can still stop, start and pause the internal sequences and the arpeggiator, and you can still record
 When the external source is not running, KeyStep will function according to its internal clock at the last known tempo.
 KeyStep will pass the synchronization messages it receives from the external source to all three clock outputs, and will convert all clock types to MIDI clock for the MIDI and USB outputs.

So you would have to have a clock sending MMC to the input of KeyStep :slight_smile: