Used Elektron prices

Hi Folks,

im looking at buying a machinedrum in europe and am wondering what a reasonable price would be for the different models (in euro) :slight_smile: mostly wondering about mk 2 UW and non-UW.


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If you have the Reverb app or you go to the site you can search there, filter by items already sold and get a good overview of recent prices. There’s also a compare prices section that shows you how the average price has changed over time. Very useful stuff!

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thanks craig :slight_smile:

is that a screenshot with the ‘already sold’ filter applied? because a search on reverb currently just comes up with a single mk2 for 2000 euros :rofl: but that is good advice! I will check it out :grinning:


Yes, those are previously sold MDs :slight_smile:

I’m not In Europe however I’m familiar with Reverb. It’s free to list your gear at whatever price, so usually there is someone with an extravagant price listed for vintage gear.

Find other sale forums (muffwiggler, here, Facebook groups, etc) and be a bit patient. Or pay the premium and get it now :smiley:

the UW and +drive can add a significant premium. Also condition is key.
a basic mk2 without UW and +drive I would expect to go for about 650-700 in mint condition.
+drive and UW would probably add 100-150 each.
This I would say is top price for absolute pristine condition with box and manual.

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alright, cheers for the quick feedback!

@steve-b that is roughly the price im willing to spend, so thats nice confirmation!

@th0mas is there some restriction as to who sees the sale forum here? because i cant seem to find it. I’ve been keeping an eye on ebay-kleinanzeigen (ebay w/o fees / 3rd party involvement) and facebook but i’ve heard of a number of poor experiences which makes me wary of buying there

@Dodah I am not sure about the restriction on seeing… there is a lock next to that forums name so maybe you need enough experience / level up

alright, thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes. You need to have done a certain amount of reading and/or writing posts here in order to be able to see the ‘Marketplace’ category. This is to help provide confidence in buyers and sellers.

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Well now I regret not making an account when I got my OT a couple of months ago :sweat_smile: do you know at what trust level it becomes unlocked? i can only find the generic description over at discourse

Sold MDUW + mkii


They go for much more and rising. I have a mint one from 2016 in a box, waiting for the right moment! :slight_smile:

I feel that Reverb transfer history is a bit cheating most of times, unless that ‘excluding taxes & shipping’ part is false

Talking in general, not about this concrete product… Don’t know, it’s my feeling :unamused:

Why do you have such feelings? :slight_smile:

In my experience they’re right. The things that I’ve sold/bought are listed correctly.

Well… Maybe it is related to certain models
I am trying to sell a Mono Station, for instance… If you check Reverb history & we assume at least 20€ of shipping (and we assume too there are not any taxes) only 2 of the last 10 transactions of used products are lower than their price if you buy them new

I could understand it better if that price in history DOES include shipping, and even better if that was just the initial selling price, and not the final price excluding taxes & shipping, as they say

Maybe the prices of new units is where the problem is… Bc it depends if those prices are listed with included taxes or not, also discounts maybe. I’ve also seen many times listed prices for used gear that are higher than for new gear.
But we are talking about UW+ mk2 models of MD. Non UW models sell for much less.

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Bought mine from a 'nauts here in Nov 2016. Last Batch, MkII uw+. 1000 euros including shipping paypal fees etc…If that could be of any help…( I know realise 4 years passed in the glimpse of an eye…)


Sure. I understand items like this (which haven’t been produced for some years) can gain value over the time. It has its logic

Just wanted to point that thing about Reverb history prices. If you take them serious one could believe stores outside Reverb are losing lot of money selling new items. Better business to list them as used in Reverb :rofl:

Well if you know a store where we can buy a new MDUW pls let us know! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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