Using a Mixer Interface to record vocals

Challenge I faced:

  • I want to use my Digitone & Digitakt without Computer.

  • I wanted to record Vocals

  • I did not want to switch my Monitors from Digitone to an Audio Interface.

  • Bonus is louder audio

  • I needed an Audio Interface with line in and a power, or an mixer Usb interface with power.

I got a Mackie ProFX6v3. It did exactly that.
However; I cannot change the output from my monitors to my headphones (to record vocals) and back. Apperently this version does not allow you to do that with all it’s FX. I do have 2 different outputs but not a single combinations works.

Is there ANYONE with a similar situation that can recommend me a Not Too Expensive interface for my situation?

  • As a mixer between my Digi’s and Outputs.
  • As a Recorder for Vocals