Using digitone keys + Overbridge with Pro Tools


I’ve ben having trouble getting pro tools to recognize/work with overbridge. Is there some way to make its recognize it as a AU or whatever plugins work with pro tools? Would be great if I could just give each digi track it’s own track in pro tools and then be able to manipulate them from my PC

There isn’t any official Pro Tools support. Some have had minor success using wrappers. Unfortunately when working with Pro Tools, your best bet is to skip Overbridge and simply route the individual Digitone Keys hardware outputs to individual hardware inputs / Pro Tools audio tracks.

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Thats what I’ve been doing for now, just sucks with the 4i4 only having 2 inputs with pre-amps, need to figure it out, thank you though! I appreciate it,m I may try the wrapper idea, I think theres something with cat in the title which is supposed to work well