Using FX tracks and Overbridge

With the OB 2.0 beta out, maybe it’s time to return to the question of workflow using (or not using) the elektron FX track(s) with Overbridge and a DAW.

My approach: I do the foundation of my songs working only with hardware (in my case: A4 Mk2, Digitakt and Roland SE-02) and the built in sequencers, as well as the built in delay/reverb/chorus/overdrive. (Usually I skip the master comp on the DT). When I’m satisfied with the song, I would like to have everything separated in tracks as much as possible for mixing and further processing/editing in DAW. I have no problem working with DAWs when it comes to the production part - I feel that’s when computers really come in handy. With the release of the OB beta 2.0 this works fine, but implementing the elektron effects seems always to be tricky.

There seems to be - at least - two somewhat different solutions to working with the elektron built in FX when continuing the process inside the DAW (Logic in my case).

  1. Records all tracks to separate tracks in the DAW. For every track, record the wet FX-signal into a separate track in the DAW.
    Pro’s - optimal for mixing and production. All tracks and all wet FX-signals are separated in tracks and may be further processed in the DAW.
    Con’s - VERY (at least for me) time consuming, and could also involve delay/sync adjustments, etc.

  2. Stream/record all tracks simultaneously, keeping the wet FX signal of all tracks on ONE separate track in the DAW.
    Pro’s - Great workflow, and the dry signals are still available for further processing separately.
    Con’s - Lumping together the FX is awkvard when it comes to mixing. Although maybe I’m overestimating the trouble it brings? One may still EQ out the low end, and maybe some more subtle processing…

“Middle way” solution?

  • Using built in FX on ONE track per machine (One on A4, one on DT), and stream everything to the DAW. The other tracks on A4 and DT may recieve effects from the DAW later, and may also have provisional built in FX settings (although not with P-locks).
    This way I can P-lock the effects a lot (on one track per machine) and benefit from the elektron workflow in doing so, and still process everything separately afterwards. On the downside - this works for only two tracks…

Why not just work without the elektron FX?

  • Since I like to implement and try out delay/reverb (with as well as without P-locks) early on in the creative process of doing the song and the arrangement. And in this part of the process I avoid DAWs as much as possible for several reasons.

So, why not temporarily use the elektron FX and then just replace them with similar DAW effects?

  • Because I really enjoy the possibilities of P-locking the effects for interesting sound design. That’s not possible with DAW-effects - and if it would be, it would involve computers early in the process when I’m trying to avoid them.

What’s your thoughts on this issue?

Other example of work-arounds?

I’m not just interested in what’s possible theoretically (although that may be interesting in itself), but also examples of what kind of workflows that people actually find creative and fun, and that somehow deals with this issue.


Having the same issue here, p locking fx is great in stand alone mode but in overbridge it is a pain, still working on the best way to set it up in ableton

thanks a lot @Jimmy_Emanuelsson for your post. after quite some research about exactly that question, you helped me a lot to clearify the status quo. because i’m still new in the elektron game (digitakt in my case), I’ve sadley no ideas or workaround yet. but I totally agree with you: one of the fundamental concepts of the elektron instruments are the p-locks. so the effects become a important part in the way of writing and playing music. I agree with you as well, that the dry signal via overbridge into the DAW opens a lot of potential - but: it is a (totally) different workflow as the use of the instrument is changing a lot.

this is why I am also very interested in any ideas to get a wet signal of each track into the DAW (beside the two option you mentioned already before). since I couldnt find any other workarounds here, I’m looking forward help to get this topic alive again. :wink:

I’m also interested how you guys to it!

I also record jams on separate channels and the fx on another channel.

The issue is when I try to rearrange things and it’s not really possible with the FX on one channel - does anybody have any workarounds for this? Or should I aim to get the arrangement perfectly in one go?

Thank you for all the input!