Using iPad for external effects loop

Hey all

Was just crunching numbers on buying external reverb and delay units for my synth gear running through a Mackie mixer via aux sends/fx sends. Given that it would be c.£700+ for a decent second hand Eventide Space and a Strymom Timeline (my preferred options at this stage), could I not just use the iPad Pro M1 with a multi in/out audio interface such as a Steinberg UR44 and then route the two separate loops via AUM, Loopy Pro or Drambo etc. and then utilise effect app chains to do the same thing?

This would give a ton more effects options with far greater processing power than any pedal can provide!

I totally appreciate that there wouldn’t be knobs to twiddle but a simple midi knob unit would solve that.

Surely someone out there is doing this - hoping so and that I can save a chunk of cash in the process! I guess it’s no different to using a Mac/PC to do the same, except the iPad would be more convenient on a flex arm above the mixer.


Going to answer my own question here, so maybe it’s useful for someone else with the same question - YES, of course it’s possible.

Just tried it with an LXR-02 using the iPad via a 2 in/out sound card and then into my main UA interface to the main monitors. I’ve tried with Audiobus 3 and AUM and both worked a charm. I’ve already got an abundance or iOS effects like FabFilter and EOS etc., so lots to use that will surely be on par with the Eventide and Strymom pedals.

The only thing is maybe there could be latency when using it with the analog mixer aux returns - probably not noticeable as surely this set up is faster at audio processing than the c.10 year old tech that’s found in most pedals.

The only thing that I noticed that could make it less usable, apart from no physical knobs, is that you have to switch from app screen to app screen as opposed to having two separate hardware units. It feels really usable though and sounds great :+1:


Yep! Totally doing this! It’s amazing. Even got the flex arm.
During my summer holidays I took my Sub37 out of it’s box and hooked it up. I ran it directly into my audio interface and through some apps and back out. It sounded GLORIOUS!!! Like so so so soooooo good! I only used the Eventide apps even though I have the FabFilter bundle., which in my opinion, are incredible. That’s how good it sounded. You know when you sit there and just play because you E reached a zen like point of happiness and nothing else matters… just you, the sound, and the moment.

Furthermore, I wanted to try and slim down my rig so I can go out into the forest or Tokyo and jam off the grid. I A/B’d my OB6 going through my TimeLine and Big Sky against all plugins. Plugins got close and I wanted them to win but they didn’t. I went out and put money down on a big suitcase for my OB6 and pedals. I wanted one hand free when traveling around with my music gear but that will be carrying my modular system.

I also tried to get some apps to sound like my OB6 but they couldn’t. They simply can’t. Like you said, knob per function is great and does add a little sway to my decision but most importantly is the SOUND.

I think my only advice to you after reading your posts would be to pick up AUM. It doesn’t take long to get your head round at all and if you did have any questions pop into the iPad thread and hit up the guys there. Everyone is so kind and helpful.


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Thanks for your wonderful energy-filled response, really enjoyed reading
I’ve got AUM already and tested this with the routing which was super straight forward.
I’m going to stick with this arrangement for now and skip the hardware fx pedals.
I definitely want a rotary knob midi controller to map things out, maybe two of them.
I’ll check out the Eventide apps too, so thanks!

Cool! And thanks, always nice to feel positivity and share it!
Great to hear you’ve picked up AUM. I was unsure because you said you were going from screen to screen so I thought you were using each app as a stand alone instance. I’mm using the Korg bluetooth jobby…

Regarding the latency when using iPad effects I really don’t notice any and neither do I experience any with this Korg :wink:

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all you really need is a TRRS to cable, 1 input, 2 outputs, but i went the extra step and bought an iConnectivity Audio4+ one of my favorite purchases, easy integration with iPhone/iPad…

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Cool, thanks, will check this controller out!

Thanks, looked at that interface but am going for the Presonus 1810c. I’ve got the Steinberg UR22 at the moment but it’s not got enough in’s and outs so will sell this now.

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bonus with the iconnect is that you can plug in multiple computers and/or phones AND multiple USB controllers via hub, most other’s can’t but most people aren’t trying to get all these things together…

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Hearing you on the extra connectivity. I’ve already got the iconnectivity mioXL, so have tons of midi/usb in and out connections. Also using a usb c hub with the iPad Pro, so have extra usb connection there too.
I just went to purchase the Presonus 1810c and found an 1824c for almost the same price so ended up getting that. Can have up to 4 effects loops on the analog mixer now - should be fun!

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Do you have any of the class compliant Elektron devices? DT, DN, etc?

Yes, have got DN, ARmk2 and A4mk2. Also OT but don’t think that’s class compliant

I enjoy using my iPad with both my Digitakt and DigitoneKeys. I also hook up a Novation LaunchControlXl when I want to twiddle knobs and faders.

Lots of great combinations with other apps like synths, loopers, samplers, drums, and effects.


Do you mean routing the DN/DT audio directly into the iPad? If so, that sounds great - never thought of that before.
Had a LCXL a while back but didn’t use it - wish I had it now :upside_down_face:


Yes, hook them up via USB then main outs or headphone out to speakers/headphones. You can then use the MIDI tracks to run things on the tablet, or midi apps to run tracks on the Elektrons, or both!


Sounds ace! Thanks for the inspiration :star_struck:

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