Using MIDI devices with the OT that only have a USB port (no MIDI DIN port)

hi all,

i assume the answer is more or less ‘no’, but does anyone know how to use a MIDI controller with the Octatrack when it only have a USB port (no MIDI DIN port)? is there any kind of simple box (aside from a laptop, obviously!) that will convert MIDI over USB to a MIDI DIN (5 pin) port?

there’s some interesting MIDI controllers out there, but some of them are MIDI over USB only…

and obvs some use 5-pin MIDI too… :slight_smile:


oh hang on… the Faderfox PC4 is the one Surgeon uses with his OT, right? it’s also only got a USB connection? how does he do it? (or is he using a bigger MIDI controller and i’m wrong?)

ah, here is Tinez explaining how to do it with a eurorack module as the converter between USB MIDI and 5-pin (via a dongle). very interesting

you could use the Kenton USB Host or the bomebox.
some midi interfaces also have host functionality (for example iconnectivity, conductive labs)

I use a USB midi host box made by Doremidi (or something) and it’s fine

DIY option if you have a Pi or similar, courtesy of @sinedied

Depending on how much you expect your setup to grow…

I recommend something like an Iconnect MIDI4+, I’ve seen them going for peanuts on ebay. 4 DINs In +Out, up to 8 USB devices with hub.

Route, split, merge, filter, your MIDI. Also can connect 2 ipads/iphones and a PC/Mac simultaneously.

I’m using both a Mio10 and an MIDI4+, working perfectly for many years now.

Best of luck!

From esi is the best for single in and out

which esi is this? couldn’t find an usb host on their website

It has 3.5mm MIDI in/out ports which can be connected to a standard 5-pin DIN port with the right cable/adaptor.