Using Models :Cycle and :Sample together, hearing both?

Hey everyone, sorry if this is like the most obvious thing in the world, but I’m having problems with it :smiley:

I am the new proud owner of both a Model Samples and Cycle, and I would like to use them simultaneously…is there any way for me to be able to hear the audio from both devices by plugging into just one of them? Or would I need to plug both into some kind of audio interface to get everything working?

Neither have inputs, so no way of running one into the other and just monitor from one so the answer is as you stated above.

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Audio Interface or a cheap mixer. The Mix5 comes to mind. It has two stereo inputs and a MIC/LINE input.

You can either pair the devices with a 1/8" cable for MIDI or as long as you have a MIDI cable you can connect the adapters to keep everything in sync.