Using OT like a synth

Hi, recently I was experimenting with Digitakt and looping the oscillators of the wav archives that have the Digitakt from the factory presets,I was wanting to do the same with the OT , anybody knows where I can find the files on internet?
I guess that the process it’s going to be similar just put on loop mode, I’m right?
Any kind of information would be great thanks

You’ll find a lifetime’s worth of single-cycle waveforms (that’s what you’ve been experimenting with on your Digitakt) here:


And there’s also a site to build your own here.


…and there are also freeware editors like Hardcore Softcore from our Ess and Waveedit from Synthesis Technology and this online editor.


This is getting excited, I just downloaded and I did some mini jam, and it’s lovely thanks so much

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Also - a great tip someone posted here once - sample a snippet of silence. Trim it short. Normalise.

Then do things like apply a fade. Or silence half of it. Things like that. Makes for great ‘oscillators’. Can replace and re-edit while sequencing.

& The filter envelope controls are great on OT for treating it like a synth


Yeah, lots of treasures to be found.
You can also set Len to “Time” in SRC/Playback setup (default is off) which lets you control the length/end point of the sample and activate loop. Len can go very short and you can find and tune looped sounds that way very easily.
Also when setting RTRG to inf, it’s possible to tune the retriggering with the RTIM parameter.

Resample and fine tune for SCW use in the audio editor.

Of course on the OT we can do stuff like resampling reverb tails, use the compressor and other fx to transform bits of it and then turn them into SCW, but looping bits of samples and using Start and Len or or utilizing RTRG is a pretty simple and straight forward way of building SCWs.


And when you’re done with the single cycles, check out this thread:


They’re also using single cycle waves, don’t they?
I don’t think the cables are neccessary, or idk, maybe I overlooked something there… You could sample cue outs and play the recording buffer on track 5 Flex. That’s basically the sames as using cables from cue outs to inputs AB, but with added possibility of pitching up/down.


OK, yes, my bad. But next level with single cycle waves.


Hehe, yeah, if you’re willing to dedicate all of OTs tracks to SCWs, there’s so much you can do. 7 SCW oscillators each with their own amp envelopes and filters with master filter on T8 as master track or 4 SCW oscillators each with neighbour tracks with SRR and Amplitude modulation + additional 3 lfos. The lfo designer can be used to get audio rate lfo speeds (draw 8x triangle wave in lfo designer), so you’ll have fm and filter fm…or use some SCW oscillator tracks and a flex track to play back a cue recording, send some tracks to cue and if you want to add feedback - increase cue level on the flex track that plays cue recordings.

A little feedback can nicely add a bit of grit…lots of possibilities. :slight_smile:

Check out what @sezare56 mentioned to do here:


Saw single cycle on 6 tracks, played by midi tracks arp.

Metronome becoming a synth, drums (metronome sound only)

Comb Filters played by midi tracks arp and lfo designer.


Formant filters


Day 1 with OT: it’s a good sampler!
Day 2: it’s secretly a synth!


For an almost endless supply of single cycle waveforms, I highly recommend the Galbanum Architecture collection Galbanum - Architecture Waveforms 2010