Using Overbridge to bypass needing an interface

I have a Digitakt, Digitone along with Novation’s Circuit and Circuit Mono Station.

Any reason why I can’t plug the Circuit (stereo output) into the Digitone and the Mono Station (mono output) into the Digitakt and get everything into a DAW using purely Overbridge in a usable, lag free manner?

Will be going into either a trash can Mac Pro or a 2012 Macbook Pro running either Protools or Studio One.

Also…am I right in thinking there is a usable Digitone Overbridge solution but it’s still very much in meta?

Yes possible to do that! No need for inputs from soundcard but not sure how you would output sound to monitors without soundcard…
Not sure what you mean about usable digitone overbridge solution ?

Yes. The current public beta version with documentation is here:

You should check carefully whether the beta versions supports your hardware, OS version, and DAW.

Yes, still very much in meta. :wink:

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I just brought a Motu 828 but really I shouldn’t have done it. Bit poor at the moment. I’m thinking about selling it and waiting a while before re-buying a larger input interface. I still have a 2 in 2 out interface however.

“Not sure what you mean about usable digitone overbridge solution ?” - from what I’d read, I’d seen some comments saying that the Digitone over Overbridge was still very buggy and laggy. Was wanting feedback on it’s current state.

Ohh yeah I just realised how misleading the title is. I’m still gonna use a little interface. Just not use it to get the four synths into the computer.

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Cheers guys!

I would opt for the MBP
I had a lot of issues trying to get OB running on Xeon processors. They weren’t supported for a while. Not sure if they are yet.
Where as the Overbridge spec recommends i5/i7/i9

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For me on windows 10 the plugins are still a bit buggy but the inputs work good never had issues recording into daw

I’m not sure I’m planning on using any other features (the plugins) apart from using Overbridge to get the audio into the DAW.

I’m kinda thinking of a live DAWless hardware setup…but using my laptop as a mixer and for effects (and for piano sounds).

It just ended up being cheaper than buying a good mixer and effects units (was originally thinking of H9s). But in terms of how I’ll use it, I’ll mostly just be using the boxes as they are, without using the DAW for anything except mixing and effects.

This sound like an ok plan?

Yeah that’s how I use them, I just use overbridge to get audio into the daw.
Sounds good to me.

Ohh I just realised, no one actually answered my main query, will I get the inputs from the Dt and Dn into the DAW too via Overbridge?

So 14 separate feeds…?

Cheers for all the amazingly prompt help.

Yep u can multitrack all channels from DN and DT and also the inputs at same time

Ahh man that’s perfect!

Thank you so much!

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So got everything configured as per my original post (needed the Overhub to get it to work. My other hub wasn’t working with Overbridge). Working lag free!

I’m new to both Overbridge and Studio One and my last issue is with the Circuit Mono Station. It’s a mono unit and is being fed into the L input on the Digitakt. The input is coming through to the DAW as a single stereo track so the Mono Station is hard panned (see the highlighted instrument track in the photo, labelled Mono and in purple). I can’t for the life of me work out how to get it coming through in mono or summed stereo. Anyone know the solution in Digitakt settings or Studio One?