Using Rytm like Octatrack (sort of)

First off… Rytm works great for hiphop… What a great sounding machine.
I recorded a loop I made and put it on one of the tracks in Rytm. Using the p/locks you can change the start/end points of the loop to chop your beats up. It would be awesome if they added some of chop feature but I’m sure they won’t as this would hurt the sales of Octatrack…I’m actually thinking of picking up Octatrack again but I see so many people hating on it,is it really that bad? Anyone here love it?

Of course we love it, and the people really making music and using the gear are quite busy, and probably don’t have much time to come on forums and talk about how much they love a piece of kit. Some users will never be happy with their kit, because they’re looking for every excuse possible to not make music.
I love the OT, loved it since day one, it has completely changed the way I make music, for the better. Even when I’m not using it, I know it’s there, waiting, ready to mangle samples, sequence MIDI, do a live set with, be an FX box, and more :slight_smile:

Cheers !

I agree with secretmusic… those who love it, spend their time playing on it :slight_smile:
… as a groovebox by itself… i am not a superfan of the octatrack. but thats not the machines fault.
thats my fault… however if i combine it with my machinedrum, or other toys… I am having so much fun…
all kinds of stuff i cant do with my computer or with my other stuff alone. And I can take it into the garden

one day, i will figure out how to make my style of music on the octatrack within a 4track max per song idea
so i can use 4 tracks to sample/replay the 4 tracks actually containing the songparts… when that happends.
1box livesets that lasts for hours are within my reach… and thats ultimatly the goal… a box i can pick up and play music with, whereever my feet are…

I just got a new Octatrack a few weeks ago and I love it. I let all the haters cloud my judgement for a while but I’m glad I took the plunge and got it .
Just Get it.

upon getting the Rytm the way I use the OT completely changed (sort of). i used to have basic drums duties taking up a lot of the OT channels and the Rytm has freed it up to do what it does best: mangle additional sounds to fill out a mix, play loops, and sequence MIDI gear. the combination is ridiculously satisfying.

i’ve been enjoying the OT a lot more now that it’s arrived but i actually had no complaints about the OT either. it’s been extremely stable for me and i’m glad they’ve kind of frozen the codebase. i know others might not be getting along with it as smoothly.

That’s it I’m getting one.

OT still my #1 box :wink:

prior to me having the AR, I used it to sequence drum machines…so only thing that has really changed for me is some freed up midi tracks and loss of an OT input

I really love the trio though, A4-OT-AR…I do still sequence a couple synths from the OT (i.e. minitaur) and feed them to the A4…which in turn gets back to OT for processing (if need be)

OT is my fav piece of gear hands down, ezpz… it’s an amazing machine capable of being your entire studio even. Beautiful device.

Well, unless OT gets a proper transient chop, which the Korg ESX had 10 years ago, and which any DSP n00b can program in his sleep…I wouldn’t sweat it so much…

Love the OT and currently saving for the Rytm. What I love about the OT: individual track lengths and speeds, neighbor machines, sampler…


It is a revolutionary piece of kit. To understand this potential, you really need to play and spend time with. It is not as instant as Rytm cause of having so many crazy features.

I can’t find it anywhere right now… Nobody has it in stock