Using the AH as a plugin in Logic


I’ve not spent a large amount of time with the AH yet using Overbridge as i only managed to get it set up on the weekend.

I added it to a kick drum track and Overbridge intercepted the audio and returned it effected as it should. I then armed the track to record and recorded… The recorded audio was unaffected by the AH. Any tips?

Also, if you have the AH on a Bus, is the only way to record it to bounce in realtime and then import the bounce into Logic?


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Try that … Remove Device instance you don’t need (if you haven’t got A4, AR)
(You need to pass by a BUS you right i set it up like this and an audio receiver then to resample processed signal)

Synced Clock
Overbridge version 1.15
Analog HEAT OS 1.02
Logic Pro X 10.2.4

Settings are Buffer at 64 on both Logic Pro X (Small size ! medium and large are not supported by Overbridge) and Overbridge if you have problem pass it at 128
Don’t forget when processing with the HEAT to put back safety margin to 75/100 depend of your system overall performance

Analog Heat : AUX to Processing Signals and a resample track for the processed back

FIXED 2016-12-23 : Bus are verified to reflect the corresponding MONO for individuals and STEREO for Main outputs and EXT in

Thanks for the quick reply William.

I don’t believe the above is the issue. I think it is much simpler haha i am just missing something. Everything is working as it should and i am using low buffer size etc. I am unable to see any activity on the tracks metre beneath the plugin. Can you please check the screenshot below and see whether i am missing anything? Inputs incorrect?

Sorry, i didn’t realise that link provided a Logic project with the correct routing. I will test that out.

Everything is sorted now thanks a lot William.


Super cool :wink: