Using the AR with a DAW

I’m a total beginner at this (using external gear through MIDI). But I’m very interested in it and eager to learn…

I’d like to use the AR in my recordings I do in my DAW (Logic), but I have no clue on how to set it up properly, by syncing it to the master BPM in Logic and such things. I do have some basic knowledge regarding this, like setting up an external MIDI track in Logic (I’ve done this with my micro KORG and I’ve had no issues getting this synth to have it’s sounds triggered through MIDI signals from my DAW)

This, however doesn’t seem to be working when I do it with the AR. I don’t know if the signals are going through or not, but I can’t get any sound from the AR through MIDI.

Is there anyone here able to help me with this? If so, I’m very thankful!

Sounds Like a JOB for OVERBRIDGE…

When i’m really in a hurry i don’t bother with MIDI sync. Just sync manually.

Setup the DAW to record your audio (preferably as many separate tracks as possible. Until Overbridge arrives, you have to do it oldschool-style using audio cables, audio interface, mixer and such), set it to the same bpm as the AR. You can always pull all your recordings onto the beat grid after the recording.

Jam first, edit later!

If you really need MIDI control coming from logic, check the appendix of the v1.02 AR manual for MIDI reference to find out which MIDI note/CC coming from logic triggers what in the AR…

you should be able to slave to your DAW clock as well as send transport control via usb cable