Using the RYTM as an Analog Mixer with Overbridge

Routing audio from your DAW through one of the signal paths of the rytm is a known feature of the overbridge software, however, I have yet to see an example of this so I made my own.

Quick rundown of how it works:

  • With overbridge and the ASIO drivers installed along with the “overbridge” mode enabled in the USB menu on the RYTM, you should be able to select the Analog RYTM as an audio device.

  • With Reaper (my DAW of choice, so I can only speak to how it works with that), you can route audio from any track to one of the RYTM’s voices in Reaper’s “routing for track” menu by selecting one of the RYTM’s voices (or two voices if the track is in stereo) in the “Audio Hardware Outputs” drop-down.

  • For this example, I made a beat and split up the audio into 4 different stereo busses - drums, bass, synth bus 1, synth bus 2. For each one of those busses, you route it into 2 different voices on the rytm, hard-panning each voice left and right.

Once the rytm’s VCA envelope is triggered and the hold parameter is set to INF, you should be able to hear the audio coming through the rytm’s signal path including each voice’s filter and overdrive + the master compressor, distortion, and FX paths.

Ultimately, you have a pretty overpowered analog 4-channel mixer with an analog compressor and distortion stage (reverb and delay too)!

So to demonstrate all this, here is a live recording of a beat I made (drums first made on and recorded off the rytm, synths from Repro and TAL’s Juno emulation, electric bass played by me) routed from my DAW through the RYTM, cranked to get some gnarly distortion.


Well that is awesome

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Thanks, I had been wondering how to do this for stereo tracks and adding some analog grit to recordings. I cant afford separate analog outboard gear!

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I was surprised to learn about this just now,
Does it work as well with MK1?

Edit: just checked, it works with MK1.
Fascinating!!! Finally being able to run audio through that lovely distortion.
I wonder why nobody talks about using this distortion.

Still, I can’t help it but just feel imense frustration with that pair of useless audio inputs that run only through the compressor. I can run audio through the distortion with USB but not with audio cables? Why??? :sad:
(My computer is old, ugly, slow, doesn’t go well with overbridge and I have issues with computers and I don’t want a new one)


this is very cool, I’ve managed to do this in Live on a mac as well, 8 mono or 4 stereo channels and with a midi controller it could really become a unique mixer with filters and effects… or just an effect processor… nice!

This is a feature on the RYTM that is not talked about enough. A device that just did this alone and marketed as such would sell like hot cakes.

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