Ux anomaly?

there is a bizarre blue button saying “Back” even though it doesnt send me back to the previous page… omg, contravening web standards and UX design much? haha just being an irritating badger.

but really… there used to be a thing at the lower right hand of the screen when opening a thread saying “11m ago” or “33m ago” or something. Now things do not seem to work like they did five days ago… perhaps i changed a client-side setting inadvertently on my browser?

You know this forum is based on Discourse, don’t you ?
I guess there are some evolutions that are not working as fine as they should.
On this case it’s not you, dear :slight_smile:

lol cool

You’re starting a thread to complain about UI idiosyncrasies with a title like that?

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I have never seen back, only reply and the time stamping seems a-okay right now. Screen grab next time

i was trying to be ridiculous, although it would appear admin have gone one better and come up with a cool and appropriate title for the thread.

wasn’t complaining, just asking, and now the pages are loading as usual.

on another website i tried to click on a banner to access a credit application to buy a Digitakt, also yesterday, and the page wouldn’t load.

i think the issue was client-side.

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I’ve seen this on my phone multiple times. Possibly on referenced thread. And I did notice “Back” button wouldn’t work.

Big success! :wink:

A “Back” button sometimes is used when navigating to a new position in a topic. Clicking/tapping the button takes you back to your previous position in the topic.

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sure, one would imagine, although - for what would appear to be a client-side reason - the back button appeared very regularly and didn’t behave like a link.

it was just my browser i think, a javascript conflict with another javascript heavy website or three.