Value lin analog four with ms20 to control Cut off

Hi I’m trying to use cv c and d to control cut off from ms20 on A4. the value lin setting on cv c is plugged into ms20 cut off freq but there is no change in cut off when turning value knob, I have set it value cv c in envelope 1, min voltage is 0 max is 5, am I doing something wrong here , thanks for ur speedy tell s :raised_hands:t3::+1::+1:

well, apart from asking the same question in two places :tongue: … it seems you are (possibly) not triggering the envelope - if you do not assign an envelope to dictate the CVc level then the encoder would behave more like a pot - this value is p-lockable and is not tied to key entry so it may work better for you - but assigning CV control to something like cutoff shouldn’t be too tricky if you start simple and build up from there - obviously check that the filter you are e.g. opening is not already open, the CV control is additive to the current position on the MS

Look at the parameters under CV C

Thanks buddy think that’s me sorted , I made voltage -10 to 10 min To max and that seems to have done the trick , many thanks , such a great forum , going to stick with this set up for a long time now and really try to learn the a4 properly , thdnkd for ur time

It may do something else less desirable if you’re not careful, check the highlighted input limits in the attached image, you may find more info online about how crucial this is