Vega [live session] - Digitone, Sub37, Nyborg 24, Lyra-8, 0-coast, Digitakt, Analog Rytm, Octatrack

Digitone does the gnarly bass sound and some glitchy drum effects. Digitakt sequences everything via MIDI and does the alternate bass during the fills. Analog Rytm plays the main drums, quite obviously. Lyra-8 goes into the Nyborg, which you can hear as the low pulsating sound throughout. The Nyborg’s filter is additionally modulated by a sequence from the SQ-1. 0-coast plays some high FX sounds routed through the Octatrack. The Sub37’s job should be evident, just watch me Bodzin’ing the VCF every now and then.

Hope you enjoy it, I know I did. Leave a comment if you have any questions. :slight_smile: