Velocity locks not recorded from external keyboard on MIDI tracks in live record

I’m using an Arturia Keystep to live record onto a MIDI track. The MIDI track is controlling a polyphonic synth (Deepmind 12D). If I hold a note in the bass while playing a melody over it, only the held note gets locked to the played velocity, subsequent notes in the melody don’t get velocity locked and just play at the default velocity set for the track on the trig page. The length, position, and pitch of all the notes gets recorded and locked properly and play back properly on the Deepmind. If I don’t hold that first bass note, then the velocities of all the played notes gets recorded and locked properly. It just seems odd that holding a note would only mess up subsequent velocity locks, not pitch and length. Anyone know what’s happening?

This has been addressed to Elektron. It’s a known behavior.

Ah thanks. Tried searching but probably didn’t enter the right combo of search terms :slightly_smiling_face: For now I’m just working around it by not holding any notes out or playing anything legato so that the velocity expressiveness is captured and then just editing the length of the notes I want held.

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