Vermona DRM workouts with OT and iOS

I long neglected my Vermona DRM II. I often didn’t manage to get her to sit well in mixes for standard drum duties. I found the envelopes not great on some channels. With a mind to selling, I took her out to sample up. Now I don’t think I can let her go. I forgot how much beef, character and low end there is the drm channel oscillators - this is a monster bass machine. Also the hats can sound sweet.

Anyways, here’s two workouts, just a couple of patterns and tweaking, not practiced and polished performances, let alone productions!

The first is recorded from the Vermona’s main outs in one take. BB delay insert into Channel 4 of the Vermona. Recorded into my iPad, with eq and fx from Amazing Noises and Tone Boosters added + some master compression.

The second: Only unprocessed samples from the DRM in the OT. External compressor on most tracks, some reverb from the H9 on the others. Warning, bass heavy repetitive beats!


I’ve bought and sold a DRMIII twice now. You’re making it difficult not to get another :slight_smile:

It can now be MIDI triggered from my AR2 can’t it?

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I was on the verge of getting drmIII, but it does seem to be something people buy,sell,buy etc. trying to get out of that loop!

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I’m starting to look at it as a synth module more than a drum machine.

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