Versatile Daw Controller?

What would be the perfect daw controller. Here’s a rough sketch of an idea I had, is it to much, not enough, what do you think?

22 channel select buttons, with mute and solo
1 motorised fader (replaceable/upgradeable), with LED
1 scroll wheel ( with multiple functions, for sample trimming, sample envelope, crossfade, zoom, automation etc)
8 programmable midi knobs ( with 4 banks, Master, VSTs, Effects, Channel)
8 programmable buttons
1 large Filter cutoff knob
1 Resonance knob

Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete, Spilt, Redo, Undo, Insert, Marker, Master, VSTs, Effects, All Channels, Shift, Bank select, Play, Stop, Loop, Metronome, Record, Mono.

37 Keys, Aftertouch, Mod & Pitch Bend

LED screen:
Channel information, Oscilloscope, Frequency Analyser, Tuner

Led Stripe
For channel numbers, grouped tracks, panning, etc, and tracks colour coded,

Version 2 Optional with a built in audio interface

16 Combo Inputs
8 XLR outputs
1 Adat Input & 0ut
1 digital In & Out
1 Midi In & Out
1 USB Hub x4
2x Headphones
Works in Standalone

Master Knob, Monitor select A/B
Mono & Dim
Filter section is analog with input routing

The controller will also allow to add an 19" rack underneath, this could be an interface, patchbay etc…

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Have you considered modular one?

Some examples:


Honestly, I dislike the idea of “all-in-one” controllers. I’m not saying a keyboard shouldn’t have any knobs/faders, but I believe the main knob/fader countroller shouldn’t have any built-in keyboard (or audio interface), because that just multiplies compromises.

Also I don’t understand why on earth are some manufacturers making mixers/interfaces with XLR-only inputs (looking at you Behringer). Combo jacks aren’t that expensive and make everything much more useful and versatile with zero drawbacks.


These look really cool, yes you could apply some modular components to it are all of it

Lets add combo jacks,

The motorised fader should be replaceable & upgradeable

Fun idea!

For me I’d like something like an APC-40 MKii, but with a novation launchpad like section instead of the clip launchers, with pressure sensitive pads. This would have an isomorphic keyboard mode etc.

It would have a bank of potentiometers dedicated to send effects and filter cutoffs - sweepy stuff you want a proper knob for. But then a bunch of endless encoders for most other stuff.

Proper faders and a crossfader, quality stuff with a good feel, none of this cheap plastic stuff.

APC-40 MKiii.

I really like the idea of there being rackspace as part of it - that’s a great idea, even if it’s enabled via optional ears that extend the height/add the bracket. That’s a fun idea to add aditional control directly to the controller, I could imagine adding EQ/Compression to it. If they’re add-on ears then there could be different ones available, maybe a larger angled version that can take 6U and becomes like a DJ table.


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Thanks, some great ideas you mentioned, I would say there will be a APC 40 MK3 or a Push 2

If you want requirements I can assign you a Jira ticket :slight_smile:

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As a Jira user I want to end my own life so I don’t have to use Jira any more

Project Management bants

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Yes I was just throwing out some ideas, I agree its all about good designed what people will actually buy, its the reason I posted this, just to see what people would like to see in a Daw Controller. I know perfect is a loaded word if there is such a thing in making a perfect controller, probably the wrong choice of words, but there is one company I feel at the moment that do listen to customers, and thats Behringer.

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