Vertice Filterbank OMG

OMGOMGOMGOMG, someone buy my AH…?


idk…sherman, AH, and the shitty asymmetrical JFET/germanium/si/LED based distortion units i’ve made in my basement sound better and cost me half of what preorder is.

looks nice though!


Really??? I think it has a really rich sound! Not that I don’t love my analog heat, would love to have them both, but it’s just so much money.

I spoke with the guy making these and he’s just the loveliest of people. He has the same attitude towards actually playing your pieces of gear like instruments as, for example, OTO has. He really is passionate about his work and after hearing his story I’m even more compelled by the product. It’s pure heart and soul. The big knobs and switches and the CV control seems a blast! I’ve had the AH for a while, I really like it, and use it a lot but just as with my other external FX i had before the BIM and BAM, I tend to set and forget, and instead do automation in DAW if I want movement. This piece, on the other hand is like a violin that just begs to be learned through and through?!

Disclaimer: I’m not in any way affiliated with the product haha. And also, this is all as usual highly subjective and personal. ESPECIALLY with gear like this!

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Just received mine mid-week, here’s an edited jam using it with Zen Delay and OTO Biscuit down the chain.

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