Very Elektron-like sequencer for Ableton

This looks like quite a good Max for Live plugin. It’s called Sequencer-Ki, and it’s a step sequencer.

It looks like it even does parameter locks, of a kind. Anyone tried it? It’s $20, which doesn’t seem bad.


I tried it out, and it’s pretty great. It works perfectly with a drum rack, for instance. You can assign two midi controls per lane to p-lock them, which is pretty great. UI is a bit small on a desktop monitor though, and not resizable.

Also, you cannot currently rename lanes on the Mac.

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looks a great find, cheers for sharing… going to give it a whirl.

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Will check it - I’m always down for more sequencers! :slight_smile:

This looks promising! Please add trigger conditions and probability, it would make us all very happy :))

About cool sequencers this one has the option to add automation to each step.

I haven’t found any sequencer with probability and trigger conditions so far. Ableton released the probability pack and there are other m4l cooll sequencers too that can add probababilty into play but the problem so far is that when it comes to automtion and parameter locking most of the essential parameters to automate aren’t accessible.

Btw if anyone knows about sequencers like those found in elektron please share it here :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks a lot for sharing. I’ve been delving back into Ableton after so many years. Thanks to myself getting overbridge…
Like I’m re joining the dark side


This one looks cool. I think the one I linked is supposed to be like the new sequencer in Logic 10.5.

I’d love a proper Elektron/OP-Z-style sequencer in Live though.

Hi Mistercharlie, thanks for sharing Sequencer-Ki here!

You can rename tracks on MAC with CONTROL + CMD + R.

I hope to be able to add the plugin resize function in future updates.


Welcome, wELCome!! Yes! YES! Muwahahahahahahhahahhahhahahahhahahah !! :smiling_imp:

I was going to make a sequencer one of these days (kinda started on it even).
As usual, the UI is always the most difficult and tedious part.

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Probably worth pointing out that maschine can do some of the stuff elektron can, p-lock anything, all 3rd party fx. You can pick up the old hardware for about £50 now.


Push 2 can p-lock per step too…

Sort of, but it’s not the same.

A p-lock holds its setting until the next trig.

Push only holds the setting to the length of the quantized value or note length and then returns to the original value.

Also you can’t copy and paste “trig” or automation data from one step to another.

You can achieve the same thing, yes, but it’s tedious in comparison. Your best bet to get p-lock functionality (and more with Ableton) is with the mouse and drawing tool (B).

You can select individual automations on a “step” and copy & paste that to another place. It’s just a lot more work to do the same thing.

I have ideas for a Max device (surprise surprise) to give Push some plocking functionality
I have a million Max device ideas and not enough time to make them.
If only making music devices was my job :thinking:


I’m a sucker for M4L sequencers - they’ve really spoiled me compared to hardware sequencers - but I don’t see what makes this sequencer very Elektron-like. I’m not getting an Elektron vibe. That doesn’t mean I won’t buy it though :slight_smile:

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In Ableton to have “p. locks” you have to infact add automation so depending on how many parameters you have automated things can get quite long to set up.
I work essently in Session View and I take much use of Clyphx Pro to add/remove fixed envelopes to specific parameters and also full devices so that with a simple press of a key it automaticly and quickly adds/removes those fixed automation envelopes. Although this process is very fast comparing to how normaly you would do it with Live script free when you have a lot of devices, vts, banks and program changes you can imagine how much information can actually be inside a small clip. With sequencers like the Digitakt this sound sculpting process is not just more faster to do, but it’s also very fun and along the way you can end up with some interesting “accidents” which can quickly put you on some paths that you didn’t thought before. Add probability, trigger conditions, and polyrythmic sequences to the table and the options are praticaly endless. Above this you still can use the sequencer of the 8 midi tracks to control 8 tracks with vst on Live. Last but not least, because the digitakt can send bank and program changes, with vsts like Diva (and all u-He’s btw) you can p lock to a full of 127*127 presets maximum. If you want to have an instrument rack with 1 vst per chain you could also map the chain selector of each track to one of the knobs on the digitakt and also p lock the chain to switch the vst you want to trigger. Sounds sick right? ^^

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Well, p-lock itself is some kind of automation…and I said push 2 can do p-locks because someone commented maschine can do it, some people is not aware of this push 2 feature.

I think p-locking on push is quite fast and powerful, you can p-lock multiple steps at once by holding them.

Would be nice to have cond trigs but that’s another story.

These videos are nice to watch…some good tips…

For more chaotic stuff I recommend isotonik arcade series and arcade series returns…

Elektron sequencers are quite unique, you can always sequence from a elektron machine and save those clips. However the choice of sequencers in Ableton is huge, lots to choose from.


Is not the same, but OP asked for elektron-like…not same… :wink:

You can p-lock multiple steps and length of the p-lock by holding multiple pads.

I find p-locks on push 2 more powerful than ekektron, but then elektron also has cond trigs and retrigs, which make it one of a kind

Ah good point! I agree that it’s similar. Ableton being attached makes it massively powerful too :slight_smile:

Push 1 can do it as well :slight_smile: Yeah, I should have mentioned that also, would have made more sense in context.

I much prefer Elektrons sequencing, because I never need to double check. I never need to see it, not that I can, you just focus on the sound and the HW takes care of everything.

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