Very very small companion mixer for OT

In my studio i have an Mackie 802VLZ4, perfect in combination with my OT because of the ALT3/4 option on every track so i can send every track to the master of the mixer or to the OT for sampling/mangling.

When i go outside of my studio it find the mackie to big. My ideal little OT companion would have 1 mic input, 1 stereo input, 1 stereo main out and 1 stereo/mono ALT/AUX output. The mic input needs to be send to the main mix of the mixer or to another output, just as the ALT3/4 om my mackie, or maybe a pre-fader aux send. Meanwhile the stereo channel can be a dedicated volume for the OT.

I’ve searched a lot on this forum and some webshop but can’t find a small mixer with this combination of options. Most of the very small mixers don’t have an ALT option or a pre fader AUX send.

Does anyone here knows such small mixer with this options? Or another solution?

Behringer Xenyx 102B? Monitor and FX send, can run off batteries…

Allen & Heath Zed 10 has an FX send (post fader) and an aux send (pre fader), but it’s probaply larger than your Mackie…
A&H ZEDi-10 is smaller…

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Tascam model 12 drops in April , grabbing that for my OT/DN/Rytm+chiptune Setup ! And to replace my audio interface.

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SSL six. Good investment.


He wants a mixer that is smaller than his Mackie 802 Vlz. Alt Out or pre fader aux send(s).

you should wait till superbooth 2020 for the umonox Digimix :crazy_face:


Thanks for all the input so far!

Yes Indeed it needs to be very very very small :wink: So all the options mentioned are to big (most of them bigger than my mackie).
Berhinger has some realy small ones, almost perfect, but no way of sending the mic to something else than the master :frowning:

That would be nice :wink: hopefully they come with a smaller model too, the digiminimix with internal recording.

Is this just an elaborate wish, or based on some knowledge of Elektron’s plans?

An eleborate wish, as far as i know…

One of these is on sale locally. Hadn’t heard of the company before, but it looks like they’re still in business producing hi-end mixers. No pre-fade AUX afaics, but it has PFL which my Boss BX 8 and BX 16, which we with mate use in our live rig, don’t.

From new gear, the Dynacord CMS 600-3 caught my attention. Prefade aux send, but only one send per channel. Still, a lot of other nice features.

This is the size i’m looking for. Or even smaller :wink:
Unfortanatly this one, or others i know with this size, doesn’t allow me to send the mic to something els than the master.

I recently bought this for my OT cause I was in the same situation with my mackie 1202 (too big and too heavy)

connected the master out from mixer to A+B IN - so all my other devices will be routed thru the OT.

from the inputs/connectors I don’t think it will fit your needs …

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What about 2 mini mixers?
1 for main
1 for Mic, with Pan / Balance to send to L (Main) or R (OT)

@santhrax I have almost the same Monacor, older version (probably 25 years old)!
No pan, no aux though.

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Size is perfect! Almost… but only 1 stereo out :frowning: But maybe this is the best option: i will use a small midi controller for the OT with the setup and maybe i can dedicate one control for the master output of the OT.

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Yeah, that looks like the best option, hoping for a one box option though: 2 mini mixers means also 2 power supplies.

I know… maybe i’m being to minimalistic about this…

Maybe i should build it…

Yes. Or modify one. Maybe a switch with one output to alternate mix and that ouput?

Usually for that size no aux or post fader.
No busses.

My mackie 1604 was modified to have pre IIRC.

Check Zoom U44 it has a special mix for headphones but I’m not sure it’s usable for you.

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I have an old Behringer mixer lying around, maybe i can try to modify it.
That Zoom U44 is a strange thing, could be handy, but after reading the userguide i’m still not sure if it fits my needs.

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Soundcraft Notepad 5

According to Soundcraft’s specs, the monitor output is stereo, just flip that switch on the output type, and you have independent control of what gets sent to that output, like a stereo aux send.


Yes this is it!!! I read the user manual and indeed the monitor is pre-fader. And as i understand correclty it is a stereo (headphone) or mono output.

Thanks @AdamJay you made my day! :+1: