Video: Back up with Total Recall, Ableton, CrashPlan

My first video like this and it’s not good, but I have watched such helpful videos from this community, and thought I would share this tip. I am sure it is obvious to some, but maybe others have not learned how to do this yet.

I know I was pretty frustrated with back-up until Total Recall came around.

It took me a bit to figure out how to use Total Recall, a new feature to save your Elektron machine’s state into Overbridge (in Ableton). Once you figure it out, you can save to Ableton. This already makes sense to me, as I usually have 1:1 Elektron projects and Ableton projects.

Then you can use CrashPlan or Time Machine (or some Windows equivalent if you are not on Mac). Result: your Elektron project is associated with an Ableton project; you can back up that Ableton project wherever. I like backing up to CrashPlan because then my apartment could burn down, and I would still have some songs at least.

I’m showing the A4 but I believe this translates to Octatrack too.

Requires OS 1.22beta or above (and whatever the accompanying version of Overbridge is) – .