Video - Syntakt Round Robin Voices As Polysynth


Thanks for this, looks great!

In case it’s helpful to anyone else reading, a similar method should work using either iPad Drambo app and a midi controller (setting up the mono to poly module similar to in this video; I’ve tested this), or with the hardware tool MIDIHub, which has a midi channel “dispatcher” (haven’t tested this, don’t own the device). Both work on the same principle of splitting across midi channels, though it looks like MAX for Live might be most robust for its handling of the voices.

Yeah, there should be many ways to do this but my hope is that Elektron will put this in an update including being able to select multiple tracks for one patch, maybe holding them all down while selecting the patch or something?

I am also hoping Elektron will open up the FM engine so we can mess with the operators much like the Digitone.

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Yes, I’d also really like this update: I imagine it like a “neighbor” machine that received overflow polyphony and all sound settings from the adjacent track. It’d be a great use for the abundance of tracks here!