[Video tutorial] About the Elektron LFOs

Ho-hoooo…! :cb:

Trying to make myself heard through the MkII-thunder. Anyone?

In any case - from what we know, the LFOs will keep their basic functions constant. So this freshly produced video is still valid although new product announcement. For all Elektron instruments. Get your LFO on!


oh great. that should be valuable for me. using them all the time but still scratching my head about some features.
I’m pretty lazy with manuals when it gets to the details :ecstatic:

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When I was a kid we used to have this TV shows where people would read kid stories in a engaging way.
I was just warped there.

Great stuff!

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Cheers Carl,

This video is such a valuable resource. I never could get my head round the LFO’s, and to be honest find most explanations very boring. Carl you have made the subject, not simply engaging, but actually exciting. Are you a professional educator/university tutor?

The production values of your videos were always great, but I see you are ramping those up too.



Guys! You just shower me with nice words. Honestly - this feedback makes me very happy. Thank you! :heart:

Also - nice investigative work… :dark_sunglasses:

@EasternNoise - not far off. I do storytelling shows for kids at times… (from another part of the internet):

@stuartlayton - yes, my friend. I’m a pre-school and drama teacher. Been working with teacher training and educational development pretty much all my professional life.