View MnM Patch settings without a MnM?

I’ve aways wanted a Monomachine, but recently purchased an Analog Four Mk2. I know they’re totally different synths both in sound and architecture, but I was curious if there was any way to view patch settings for Monomachine patches without actually owning one? Maybe a librarian of some sort, or software of some kind?

I’d love to be able to explore recreating them on the Analog Four, especially some of the Autechre patches.

Given the above, I’m not sure how fruitful this would be.

I’m not aware of any librarian/editor software for the MM, although the manual and some associated documentation from Elektron provides the specification that you would need to determine the settings for a kit. It would be a hard slog to try and find settings that would match the sound between the two machines.

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Basically what @PeterHanes said. Even if you could, and I can, view settings for both the MonoMachine and the Analog Four; doesn’t mean that they will necessarily translate well between the two.

One could write a bi-directional translator; but tbh; wouldn’t think it is worth the hassle due to the differences in architecture, generators and modulators.

I am.

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Where can I buy it? :tunga:

PM sent @PeterHanes

I mean more than anything I think I’m curious about how the patch is set up more than recreating specific sounds.

For instance I had read that one of the Autechre patches on the MnM used the LFO to modulate retriggering or something to that effect. Doesn’t look like the A4 has retriggering, but between it and an OT there may be a way to approximate it.

I’m thinking more “food for thought” and inspiration more than authentically recreating sounds. But if it’s not possible, I guess it’s not possible.

So more from an academic point of view?One could document them all; but I think that time is better spent on just sound design on the A4 if no MM.