Vintage Drums samplepack: some details?

Hi all,

I would like to purchase this pack, but the details from Elektron’s website are not enough for me…

Could you tell me which drum machines are inside please?


Haven’t seen a list yet, but I’d imagine it’s all the basic stuff that should’ve been in there before it left the damn factory!!

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Is there any Simmons?

Does the Vintage Drum Machines Pack contain 606 samples? A friend of mine complemented his AR with a 606 drum machine and I’m envious of those snares and HH. I thought to get a sample pack and maybe try and see if I could recreate them with the analog engine by doing a A/B sound comparison.

They’re very nice

Post contains list of samples

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Hi can someone tell me what’s in there? Coz I couldn’t find a comprehensive list which samples from which drum machine are included in this package… I would love to know before I spend 15 Euro

Look at the link provided above.

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