Vinyl Scratches

How is a good way to simulate vinyl scratches with the Octatrack?

I have thought about simply loading a few samples, but is there any other way to do it? Maybe using the optical fader?

Or any samples you can recommend for this task?


They have some at

Edit: whoops, looks like you meant turntablism scratching as opposed to scratched-up vinyl. Thought you meant scratched-up vinyl.

Its not a 100% the same… but close enough for my purposses…

U take some loop… lets take some breakbeat, why not.
for argument sake… its some hipperdiehop beat at 80bpm 1 bar.

(little cheat… i use daw for this step… but i am sure it can be done on octatrack, just dont know how from top of head) I play it double the speed(160 bpm)
so you get squicky mickeymouse beat,
Now resample this… still keeping bpm of wavform 80bpm.

import it (or save it, if you do know from the top of your head on the octa… might be just as simple as changing barlength in sample-propperties)

now if you play back your sample… you hear mickeymouse beat.
but if you change the rate of the sample… you should be able to pitch it down
to normal speed and sound if you put rate to +32

Now play with your fader SceneA = range - 64 SceneB = range+64

and voila… scratching octatrack style… add some scenes to make cuts and shit :slight_smile:

I like taking a loop or sound, turning off timestretch if it’s on, setting scene A to 64 and scene B to -64, and then using the crossfader to stop and start, or scrub the sound.

Not exactly scratching but a cool cognate effect.