Virus TI2 Rack Ear Spacing

Hi everyone with a Virus TI2 and rack ears,

curious if you’ve had a similar problem to me where the rackmount holes only line up all 4 together in 1 position, if I try to move it down, the holes are just slightly off and Id need to remove about 1mm of material for all 4 holes to line up. Is it ok to only mount it from 2 of the holes?

Picture below:

Think its worth removing a bit of material to fit them in?

Is there anyway you can re-arrange the 3 pieces to make it work with the correct hole spacing? It would be better to have some empty space somewhere if needed. I wouldn’t modify the rack ears to make it fit. If you don’t start on a correct starting point the holes don’t fit sometimes so something seems off where you’re starting your first piece of gear. Or one of those other pieces has a strange hold spacing on it’s rack ears.

If you’re going to only use two screws its better to do them diagonally but it doesn’t look like thats possible with the way it’s arranged right now.

Thanks, this isnt actually my photo but I was able to arrange the 2 screws diagonally so I’m gonna go with that for now.

I have tried every possible combination of spacing and it only fits perfectly 1 way which also happens to be the way that wastes the most rack space. Ah well

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Darn rack standards shakes fist at sky angrily

Happy you got it worked out :slight_smile:

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