I have sculpted a beautiful sound that lurks around the corners of the sound envelope - I saved about 20 different versions of it as i was so excited at this discovery

I was stunned today when i went to load it and it was different, very significantly different with regards to the pulsewidth and the way i was using it

I thought it might have been performance mode related and cleared all the settings - nope, not that

Basically this beautiful sound i made is only playable through voice 1 -it’s quite something to talk about it being an analogue synth, but this is a very noticeable difference - it’s got me worried about what i have been working on until now and that i have one voice which is quite differently configured

Am i missing something, before I go to support - are there any other tales of voice variation, i mean very easily audible differences ?

I thought my voice four sounded slightly slightly different on the vanilla sound, but this is much more significant

feedback appreciated !

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Inconsistent Sound

Have you tried calibrating yet?

i had calibrated recently and when i recalibrated just now - it seems to have changed the way patch was sounding on all tracks/voices, so something had changed !, however, when i dialled in a sound which was close to the original it was still fundamentally different on two of the tracks and suddenly a lot closer on one !! the plot thickens

if i can suggest a way to recreate this from an init patch i will, to see if others have the same variation across voices

'tis one of the things that make analog synths, oh so special!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just the other day, after messing with a Lemur Matrix 1000 template and my Obie Matrix 6R, I noticed one of the voices had much higher cutoff&res than the other voices. I did a power down/recalibrate (regular menu re-calibrate didn’t help), and the problem disappeared.

I think it’s part and parcel of having analogue components mixed with digital control…things just get out of whack sometimes.

When you first made the Sound how long was your A4 turned On for?

Try warming up 20-30mins and see how it sounds.

i wish it was that, it’s rarely off ! it’s to do with modulating pulses with a small duty cycle - at a pw setting ~-50 i can have a sound be very prominent through the whole modulation (which teases it towards a smaller duty cycle) and have the same sound be inaudible on another voice !! it’s all happening at lfo rates and the modulation is by linear detune which is freq dependent

some might say, woah, no big deal, but the point is i can’t be confident the sounds i create will play nicely when i call them up on other tracks (or other machines)

all the beauty in analog devices (for me) is to be found in all the extremities, so that’s where i sometimes go - looking for the magic !

I had this too. Sometimes patches are transformed in a way that pulsewidth set all the way to the right sound the same as they would normally with pulsewidth in the center. Strange behaviour indeed

Could any other equipment be sending midi cc that might alter the sound per voice?
perhaps try and toggle osc drift to off? it defaults to on.

no, nothing external and not drift related, it’s been confirmed by elektron as a valid observation, they say, unfortunately, it is to be expected (analogue!)(with no details), but i’m not yet fully convinced ! looking for a way to illustrate this more clearly