Volume drop issue


Can anyone explain to me what’s going on here?
Anytime I trigger Pad 5 on this pattern, the volume of my kick on Pad 1 drops as well. When decay on Pad 5 was on Inf, it would permanently drop the volume of the kick for the duration of the track.
I checked scenes and nothing is on. Compressor isn’t on either.

Is the resonance up? It sounds to me like pad 5 (bass tom) is eating up energy in the low end, which leads to a drop in volume. Shorten the decay some more, or bring the kick or bt out from their separate outs,that should do the trick.

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It was the resonance!
Thanks! :pray:


When using master fx distortion sounds can duck each other out. The high gain mode on the AH is also very susceptible to this. Careful balancing of the sounds in necessary, for example by not triggering clashing sounds on the same step.

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