Volume knob only works headphones

This is my only grip.
Just bought a nice pair of pioneer RM-05 (£300 the pair! Clearance) and my main outs are basically useless because level signal seems to be saved per part.
So if I adjust monitor level late at night it jumps when I switch patterns and banks.
I’m not using a mixer at my micro set up at Gfs so it’s annoying.
I want to save the headphone out for my headphones and it just seems stupid to feed my monitors with that and leave the main out useless.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, such first world business :earth_africa:

Function + Volume knob controls master volume, iirc.


Ah thanks so much for that.
It had left my memory.
Still would prefer not to hit function, but again thanks.

I think it‘s Function + Level (the knob above tempo)…


Yes thanks for the correction.

Are you using master track with different fx/settings that change volume. Perhaps track levels set all differently?

Even with access to master volume control you still don’t really want to have to change it for every part. If I were you I’d hook up to some kind of level meter in a DAW or a mixer and go through your patterns/parts and level them out so they all hit the same peak when all the tracks are going. Probably making sure track levels are relatively the same and certainly investigate master track, change whatever seems like it will do the trick for each part.

I don’t have this issue with OT because every pattern I use is mixed around my Pickup tracks which are all set at the same volume and I always feed it about the same level signal. On AR though I do this otherwise patterns/kits can play at all sorts of levels…


Hey thanks for that @Open_Mike, that’s good general advice for track management and master track levels interchange.
I just forgot about function combo with/level and tripped myself up after wiring my monitors direct to OT (it’s only a small setup at my GFs).
Still kinda wish volume knob worked for main out - it was this that had me forget about F&level, then I started messing with indervidual part levels - I must of been tired.

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I read someone on the forum uses the headphone jack with an adapter to connect their monitors, so that they can use their volume pot.

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Yeah that’s a good idea.
'May do that- use @darenager passive mixer on the monitors so I can thread a potable deck straight out without turning on the OT.

I seem to be running a studio of 3.5mm now anyway :slight_smile:

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I mention this every once in awhile but I soooo feel like the odd one out when it comes to OT behaviors, but hey it’s great for me :grin:. I actually prefer the way the OT works in most case that folks complain about, including the volume… I’d much rather have a set and forget volume situation that you dial in and leave alone, but then the phones might need to go up and down more often depending on actual volume of the system your playing through so you can here cue or whatever over the room sound, or drop it when the system is quieter. I set the part/track/master track levels to a point they pump out a solid signal, and just leave it. All my other gear is mixed around it too so adjusting it would throw me off unless redoing my entire gain/volume/mix structure for one reason or another…

-Wrote this on another thread, I’ll drop it here too:
I think of the OT more like a final stage before a sound system, like a mixer… You want to set your mixer main volume at sound check and leave it, maybe raise it a smidge later in the night.
Different than a drum machine or synth which would be fed to a mixer, or an OT. With those if you need to mix you can change the source volume or a level on the mixer/OT.
But you don’t want to change the mixer mains so much…
If you accidentally bump the volume on a drum machine, it just affects your drums, on the OT it might affect your entire feed to the sound system…


If you want to use the volume knob to control what you hear, maybe you could do something like this if you have the spare inputs on your audio interface:

  • Send the OT’s main outs into your interface, but only use that for RECORDING OT’s output.
  • Send the OT’s headphone out into your interface, but only use that for MONITORING OT’s output.

Then you can adjust what you hear with the headphone knob and not worry about any potential audio quality issues of using the headphone output to capture OT’s output (not saying there are any; I don’t know).

That might also add some nice flexibility with the gain staging; i.e., it would allow you to keep the main output level constant despite any changes you make to the headphone level/monitor level. In that way, the headphone out can be seen as sort of a “feature.”


Yes I get this. It is a pro feature.
Monitor out the “monitor” on a studio mixer, as opposed to the master L+R main.
Just for my personal micro lab right now, would like the option. It’s the same with studio mixers I get weirded out when huge expensive boards only change volume with an obscure, tiny knob, while the master fader is left well alone. I like to re-appropriate my feeds so master hits my monitors.