Voyager XL + A4 =

I finally got my dream synth, a Moog Voyager XL, today. After spending the past couple of years learning all I could about subtractive synthesis, it took no time at all to create some amazing patches on this beast.

And then…

I plugged it into the FX of the A4.




Now, I know that this breaks the “pure analog” chain, but wow… I had never really dug into the parameters for each of the three effects on the A4 til today. Getting the chorus tweaked took some time, seems to be the weakest of the three unless you crank the settings up. Delay + Reverb, however, totally transform the sounds coming out of the XL.

I can’t wait til I get home from work tomorrow… next up is CV! (I literally feel like a kid on xmas morning right now… ecstatic!)

Soundbytes or it didn’t happen. :wink:

We are so spoiled with the A4 effects, they’re amazing indeed.