VST for making audio sound like its coming from a broken radio?

…speakerphone by audioease…or unfiltered audio’s lofi af…


i think you should buy an fm transmitter and then you can just build a series of walls of varying thickeness and material. Then transmit whatever you want to sound like it’s coming through an FM transmission and record it from your receiver from behind whichever of your walls gives the best sound.




speakerphone 2

The more I’ve read this thread the more I can envisage what the OP is talking about, and I’d like the same thing.
There’s a ton of options out there to simulate lo-fi radio sounds of all types, but it’s the motion-capture sound of tuning an actual radio that none of them seem to cover.
This idea speaks loudly to the David Lynch-wannabee in me.

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Distortion and a low pass filter. It’s actually really simple, I use a high gain distortion pedal though.

‘Simple’ is answering a question you haven’t read fella. Might as well suggest using a potato… :upside_down_face:


Digitone, mine sounds like fm radio all the time.

“Crap! Nevermind. I was actually using an FM Radio…WHERE THE HECK IS MY DIGITONE THEN?!”

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I’d be curious to know if anyone undertakes this using multiple plugins.

I’m thinking there’d be a way to get close using a noise generator, an fm tone, a side chain on a gate and a mixer carrying the noise, tone and source audio… the actual tone shaping part is simple and would come at the end of the signal chain.
(Ableton FX Rack utilising the macros to ‘tune’??)

(Also, I never knew that SoundToys Echo Boy had that AM/Transistor facility… that’s great to know!)

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Yeah, im imagining an ableton set as well.

You’ll need your main input that you’ll want to flutter around(potential speaker plug in)

Noise(probably FM synthesis generated) with some fx

Additional audio clips to flutter in between.

A tone to bring in sparsely(maybe that same fm synth thats creating the noise)

Album Collab? :grinning:

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Well no, that’s exactly how you achieve a lo-fi radio sound. Distortion and filter. As for all the other stuff OP wanted, it’s not really an effect but a bunch of different sounds that a radio does. Add no-input feedback, reverb, a second sound source with more / less distortion etc. And you’ll get what he wants.

I have done this for a few tape releases. It’s not hard, but it is time consuming.

Like here for example, wasn’t going for an old-timey radio sound exactly but IMO this is pretty close to what OP is after maybe? All sound sources were recorded a lot more hifi, not like professional studio quality but still did a fair amount of work on the sound in mixing and with outboard gear to achieve this dusty, obscure “found footage” type of sound.

This is the reference audio @ghostbuddy.
What you’re talking about is really simple.
Creating this type of effect is way beyond distortion and a lpf.

That’s distortion, filter and no-input feedback on top. I could do that in like 10 minutes for any speech sample. I could just talk into a mic running thru a distortion pedal, filter and have a no input feedback setup and do that in real time.

Sadly there’s really no good software option for creating feedback. White / pink noise generator with a fair amount of FX can get kinda close, but it takes a lot of fiddling to achieve and it usually always sounds too digital. I would honestly just sample feedback from somewhere and use it instead of trying to do it with plug ins.

Thats a source, but there are other sounds i could use your feedback on

Edit: man, im getting flashbacks from when I watched this video in 2015 apparently looking for the same thing :grinning:

No-input feedback setup and any sample with a bit of distortion and filtering. Really easy to do, get a cheap Behringer xenyx mixer and a few high gain pedals, like Behringer will do and maybe a reverb pedal last in the chain.

Honestly that’s the simplest, most rudimentary thing in noise.

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I’ll experiment with it. Thanks for your insight

I’m going to sample some of this and see what I can come up with I think…

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I’m going to poke around in M4L tonight with a few samples myself and see what I can come up with.


@ghostbuddy 's suggestions are kinda sounding like that could be imitated by running static with varying distortion parameters? Maybe a random LFO on…something, low mix for the quiet bite and the audible fluctuations?

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If you’re using Live, the Shifter device in Freq mode can come in handy

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