VST for making audio sound like its coming from a broken radio?

This is a sound I’ve been curious about for a long time. The best I can imagine would be to just have an audio FM transmitter and re-record the audio from an actual radio with an output jack.

I know there are simple techniques that can make it sound “old-timey” or tinny, but its really not the same as the fluctuating frequency, the combination of different sounds/signals, the wild hiss/roar/moans of radio signals.

It would be nice to have a controllable source to run audio signals through this sound.

Has anyone found something like this?


McDSP FutzBox might have what you’re looking for.


This might do it: Speakers - Real Microphones and Speakers Simulations (VST, AU, AAX)


Not sure how close this would actually sound, but you could maybe try routing a few different pieces of audio into FM8’s FX version and frequency modulate them together there?

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I’ve looked through the official VSTs presented. Some came close, but no cigar.

Your suggestion might be the closest and most accurate, but presents me with the issue of having to sonically define the notion myself.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks everyone for sharing!

For people that need to know about the activity.

This track comes close to that sorta interference of radio

Maybe one of the included plug-ins(speakers, i think) to match tonal quality- and maybe FM8 FX for thr interference or some sorta cross synthesis for radio wave behavior


Maybe this recreation of radio needs to just be its own composition with some lofi effects, FM modulation, and speaker tonal settings.

I wish there was just something I could throw money at to not have to science out the textural experience :grinning:

Izotope vinyl?

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Looked into it. Not the same. Thanks!

Yeah, I realised that straight after I posted it. Misread your original question. I’m not sure what you want exists in VST

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I’m not sure if what I want CAN exist in a VST :grinning:

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I got this when it came out Wires - Soviet Wire Recorder Echo Plugin (VST, AU, AAX, CLAP) - Hainbach

I like it more than I thought I would, its cool for adding character to background sounds


I feel like you could maybe also get a similar effect with abeltons vocoder perhaps, its essentially a carrier/modulator type thing, which in essence what FM is as i understand it


Sample into an OP1F and then resample into Polyend Tracker? I’m sure there’s cheaper ways :stuck_out_tongue:

By broken radio do you just mean not precisely tuned, or when the signal itself is dropping in and out?

Soundtoys Echoboy.

You dial the mix to 100 and echo time to zero.

It has a preset list that includes “Transmission”, “AM… “, and “FM…” and shortwave.

It’s exactly what you’re looking for.


I mean just the frequency interference. Where the voices randomly disappear into the airwaves. Where there’s that randomly generated him of static and signals(also distorted by the radiowaves)

The broken is a sonic qualifier, not a hardware qualifier.

I’ve been in love with this sound since 2013. There’s something special to it. The dashing back and forth of company and loneliness decided by the turn of the dial and the way the air moves.

I’ve been drinking(alcohol), but there was this moment from when I was driving back from work after spending all day drinking(coffee) where the nonsense between frequencies just made sense.

LO-FI-AF by by Unfiltered Audio has a fee tricks up its sleeve that may be relevant.

Maybe @trickyflemming knows the technical explanation of the whys… :slight_smile:


Aside from Lo-Fi-Af, this comes to mind chipcrusher


Waves Retro-Fi does a great job and offers different models too


I don’t have any suggestions, but thanks for reminding me that set fire to flames exists :heart:

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