VSTs that emulate / recreate Elektron's in-built

Hi there,

I recently went in the box after over a decade of no using computers.

Trouble is, whilst I find computers great for recording and mixing - I still loath using them for making music.

Using overbridge is great in a way, but obviously having the master track with effects negates the mixing / mastering benefits of a computer.

I don’t want to record stems individually, as most of the music I like to make is semi-live.

So… do any contributors know of VSTs that emulate the sound / parameters of the Elektron ones, so that music can be made on the machines only, then tracks recorded individually over overbridge, and effected with similar sounding reverbs and delays - i.e., not totally changing the character of the music!

I have a DN and AR - so most interested in the delay and reverb - and am using Bitwig.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not aware of any Elektron "emulation’ fx per se, but while sounding great the ones in the DN and AR are very basic. You could easily find comparable (or superior) VSTs and tweak them to sound as much like your favorite Elektron settings, save them as presets and have them ready to throw on a track whenever.

Tom Costello/Valhalla makes excellent affordable reverb and delay VSTs with not too many parameters and would be a great place to start.

My defaults are usually by audio damage.
Dubstation 2 especially.

There’s a million to choose from. TBQH, there’s plenty of software reverbs that are miles better than the Elektron ones.

If you want something that sounds like simple but good, rack units,


These new TC Electronic ones are great, plus you can buy them with hardware controllers for about £200…

That ones £100 with the plug in, which just seems mental.

Abletons Echo can sound very close to A4/AKs delay. I can record dry and basically emulate the delay with Echo. :upside_down_face:
Doens’t the Digitone have the same delay algorithm?