Waldorf Blofeld, Pulse 2 screen replacement - finished project

I have recently got a Pulse 2 with damaged screen. I have contacted Waldorf if I can get one of them. The support answered promptly providing me with 40EUR + shipping quote. I have also looked at ebay and I have found white on black version for “just” 50GBP.

To avoid paying more than I have to I have decided to find a replacement by my own.

So first I had to establish what was the original unit. It turns out that the unit in P2 (same type is installed in Blofeld) uses Powertip PE12864WRF-004HC1Q unit.

It is obsolete and impossible to find. I have found a couple of places in China where these modules can be ordered but the minimum order quantity rules out this option.

After a long search I have found the datasheet.

PE12864WRF-004HC1Q.pdf (1.1 MB)

The display apparently runs on ST7565S-G controller and has 34pin connector. I have managed to find a few displays matching this spec. Unfortunately, pins 17-23 were not matching.

There several variations of ST7565 controller. I have compared them and the closest to the one I needed was ST7565R. Eventually, I have found a display, which was compatible in terms of pins arrangement.
The only thing was not ok was that backlight pins were in slightly different positions (anode and cathode pins are soldered to the pcb). Not a big issue anyway, which can be resolved by cutting the pins and soldering two wires.

So this is how P2 looks after the replacement:

I had to use hot glue to fix the screen into the position due to anode and cathode pins being not soldered to PCB.

I hope this information will be useful to someone.

P.S. What I have immediately noticed when I got P2 was that the pots/encoders are very wobbly compared to Blofeld. P2 encs are made by Alps while Blo uses ones made by Bourns (briefly the same series as in old Elektrons). I am not 100% sure but from what I have measured I think Bourns encs would fit into the holes on PCB.


Very nice work.

Very nice!

I have been testing P2 over a couple of days. What I have noticed that screen area is getting warm after an hour of use. Nothing extreme though. The heat comes from the caps in the power supply section located under the screen. Is it normal?

A quick update. I have a 33R resistor and it seems that heating “issue” has been attenuated. I have left the unit on overnight and I didn’t notice anything alarming in terms of temperature.

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Regarding the Encoders, the one from Bournes seem to cause a Lot of issues with the Blofeld after a few years of usage. Maybe thats why they used Alps in the Pulse 2.

I don’t currently need one but do you have the part number or link to the one you used for the replacement?

@infekted Do you possibly remember the model number and/or maker of the display you used? I have a Pulse 2 which has been dropped so display has cracked. Still somewhat useable but the top 5-8 lines are dead and there is a “blob” in the bottom right corner.

The only display I find, after several hours of searching, which matches the physical size (80x54mm) and uses 34 pins is CFAO12864D3-TFH from crystalfontz.com. But as you mentioned pin 17-23 do not match (polarities of the caps look inverted). Also pin 25-29 (V1-V5) are in an inverted order compared to the Powertip display. The Crystalfontz display uses the ST7565P (i.e. not the R)

Any information would be helpful :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested I made a video showing the replacement procedure using a Raystar RX12864H-FHW display module:


Hello everyone,

Thank you for posting this info, I recently had to do some work on my Pulse 2 and ended up here while searching. Since you’re talking about taking the thing apart and servicing it, I wanted to share what I came up with when I had to replace the encoders on my Pulse 2 after I accidentally knocked it off my desk and snapped off two of the knobs.

Alps/Alpine makes these with various torque ratings, and if you get the wrong one you can end up with a pot that is much more difficult to turn than the rest. I had no idea how to gauge this, so I basically just bought one of each and figured out compared to the rest which was appropriate.

I have not yet figured out what the main volume knob pot is using, its a four-post pot rather than three post encoder like all the other knobs. but it looks like its a 10k pot, also made by Alps-Alpine. If i figure it out I’ll come back and update my post.

The Main Encoder detented knob:
Alps Alpine EC12E24204A9

and the six editing encoders:
Alps Alpine EC12E2420801

i hope somebody finds that useful eventually. thanks for the info on the screen as well.


I read somewhere that encoders could be substituted with Bourns parts. However, it seems that you have found out the original parts. Thank you. Very useful information indeed.


may you know if i can replace the screen with other one white letters on black screen ?

its somebody in the reverb that sell those but im sure it’s to expensive.

Hi infekted.
Can you please post the part number of the white on black display?
Dont know if you just forgot to. But without it, this topic is more like a teaser without help.
Allready ordered some wrong displays so all details are helpful.

hi, i dont have the part number off hand unfortunately. i will check my orders history and try to find it.

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if you find this thread and need a 2022 current part then here;


Hi, do you happen to have a link for the replacement screen? My Blofeld’s screen broke and I can’t find a replacement that will ship to the US. Any help would be much appreciated