Waldorf Blofeld users

Are there many Blofeld users on here? How are you getting on with it?

I love the synth itself but I’m having no end of troubles with it. I’m just in the process of returning my 5th one! The store I got it from have no problem exchanging them but they keep sending me faulty units. I actually requested that the last one be sent for repair by Waldorf, basically because this was the best unit I had received so far. Instead, they replaced it for yet another brand new, faulty unit!

Is this a common thing? There was a firmware update to stop jumpy encoders but there is no fix for encoders that suddenly go very loose and wobbly, or a faulty click encoder that misses steps.

The thing is I really like the synth itself, and it’s actually built like a tank. Seems like the quality control is missing though…

Do not get me started on this, about 2 months ago I sent my Blofeld out for repair directly at Waldorf, it had 2 wobbly encoders and a very loud noise on the output, even when nothing else was plugged in.

Got it back from repair and the knobs are fixed, the noise is still there.
I’m having a real hard time getting Waldorf repair to reply to me and agree to get it fixed again at their expenses, ridiculous.

…sorry to hear that djenzyme :confused:
i had to replace volume pot once as the old one was giving issues and upgraded the OS to latest version to fix the jumpy encoders but other than that i haven’t had any other issue with it.
i have never sent it back to Waldorf to get it fixed so i don’t have much experience on that side but it is indeed weird that all the machines you’re getting from the store are faulty…mm…

Five successive brand new lemons is improbably bad luck.
I have a second-hand one and it works fine.
The keyboard version has a better reputation for reliability than the desktop version.
Blofeld is a very nice little synth; I hope you get a functional example soon.

When I checked their website, I couldn’t even find the contact details for Waldorf support, luckily I have a 3 year warranty with the retailer.

Glad to hear the knobs were replaced ok, that’s reassured me a little for my unit. Noise on the output though? I’ve not come across that on a Blofeld, that’s clearly something they have to fix.

It’s a shame there’s these problems with the Blofeld, it’s a neat synth that works well with the Octatrack.

Ah thanks for the input guys!

So it seems they aren’t all duff units, maybe my retailer has a bad batch of them. It’s strange though because I’ve had older units that needed updating and also brand spanking new units, both black and white.

I guess I’ve just got to be extra patient :slight_smile:

I had one that was plagued with issues as well. One of the knobs snapped off (I gigged with it heavily, to be fair), really noisy outputs, patches lost, buggy multimode, clipping, slow UI…Some nice sounds but the low build quality and reliability made me not enjoy using it at all.

I got mine also 2nd hand and after OS update it runs fines. But to be honest, I didn´t use the blo since 2 years. That menu diving is … :confused:

But to use it with the Octa sounds like worth to give it another dry.

the loud noise … check to plug and unplug the usb cable. sometimes the noise comes from usb.

Tried it all, it is extremely noise even with nothing but the power cables plugged in, I even tried different plugs at home and brought it to be office with me to try it, still noisy…

I even sent Waldorf a sample of the noise (below), still no reply…

Which is a shame as the Blofeld is a wicked synth

never had any probs with mine so far (knocks on wood).

the audio output stage is the biggest weakness of the blo IMO. This can be overcome by hacking the output stage to use SPDIF output, IIRC I saw someone mod theirs online somewhere, a great idea for anyone with the modding skills!

I guess I’m fortunate. The worst I have had to deal with is a jumpy volume knob.

I had the desktop version first back in 2009, and it had a jumpy knob. I ordered some new knobs and had a friend help me solder the new knob. Anyhoo, I ended up selling in it couple of years later, and about a year ago, I bought one again.

I really like the synth. I think it’s easy to use and you can get some pretty gnarly sounds out of it. There are a number of editors for it too, so if that’s an issue for you check out the iPad editor or I use one for os x that’s pretty good (consistently updated) called gofter.


Also, I woke up to this from Waldorf.

[justify]To make sure that every user is able to use the full potential of Blofeld, we offer a 50% discount for License SL between the 27th and 30th of May.[/justify]

[justify]Just use the following coupon code during your order in our online shop: LS50OFF[/justify]

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i’m looking for a polysynth mainly for atmospehric sound and that’s why it’s a couple of months that i’m really tempted to buy a Blofeld… but this thread doesn’t encourage me at all guys!
suggestion for alternative synths are welcome

Ipad + Nave is the perfect Blofeld alternative imo

This makes the SL licence to 50€, if I’m right…
Still a bit pricey IMO, but pretty cool move :slight_smile:

@Ludovic Blofeld is a cool synth, you can get crazy sounds from it.
I use it a lot from the Octatrack, so I use the knobs not that often.

I have no hum nor sign of degradation.
If you have an OT, I definitely recommend it.

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Thanks for the heads up on this! I have to wait 2-6 weeks for repair but it might be worth jumping on this deal in the meantime.

I really think the Blofeld is a terrific synth. It’s not terribly powerful, but not many people will use more than 3-4 programs at a time. I actually like some of the happy accidents that come about from the lack of processing power, like a program suddenly being choked by another program that needs the power to perform.

In any case, yes, the knobs are known for failing, but other than that, I really love this synth. I think the interface works really well and is super simple to use.

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okay will give the Blofeld a run with the Octatrack.

What cc parameters do you select on the octatrack to programm the blofeld? I guess one page for envs, one for the osc and one for the filter?

The Blofeld has nearly 120 to choose from. There are only 10 CC slots per track on the OT.

If it were me, I would choose the general purpose CCs (1, 2, 4 etc) and the assignable MIDI modulation sources W, X, Y and Z because those have the most flexibility of use in the Blofeld’s modulation matrix.

Or you might prefer volume, pan, FX1 mix level and FX2 mix level.

Or the more traditional filter controls, oscillator levels, and oscillator pulsewidth controls.

I agree with Peter, 1, 2, 4, W, X, Y Z, Aftertouch. I just mapped WXYZ to CCs the blo doesn’t use (I think 3, 8, 9, 11).

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