Waldorf Pulse II

Well better late than never:


Anyone going for this one?

Yep! I am all over it! Already have a Waldorf Pulse+ that works quite nicely with the A4.

However, Waldorf is also releasing a keyboard version of it by end of year according to an interview I viewed with Stefan Stenzel. But in “Waldorf Warped Time”, that could mean end of next year! HA!

Seriously, I have forgone buying an MS20 mini and Bass Station 2 in my dedicated wait for this powerful beast. Go to Waldorf’s website for the download of the manual made available, as well as more up to date info on it, as well as some rather cool audio samples.

(I will admit I caved and bought a Mini Brute a few months ago due to it really having a different sounding filter and oscillator to add to my set-up)

Will be able to do as one could do with Classic Pulse, and chain up to 8 of them together…but the paraphonic mode sounds really great!

Here’s the link and the sample tracks are to the right: http://www.waldorf-music.info/en/pulse-2-overview.html

I had a MicroQ and a Blofeld but I didn’t like the sound. They sounded like “I want to be analog” but were much do harsh.

I had a look at a prototype of the Pulse 2 at Musikmesse 2013 but I wasn’t too impressed. Maybe I don’t get along with the Waldorf sound.

I am really thinking about getting one of these. The demos sound pretty good I think. A good amount of features for the price.

sounds lush
been waiting for this ever since my pulse went to the Waldorf graveyard at awave in melb
seriously they have a synth grave yard for all old waldorfs
hopefully this one lasttttsssss
serious kit and contender for synth of 2013

Some audio demo’s:

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...0demos%201.mp3](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53230726/Ingo Weidner - Pulse 2 - IW Single preset demos 1.mp3)

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...0demos%202.mp3](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53230726/Ingo Weidner - Pulse 2 - IW Single preset demos 2.mp3)

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...0demos%203.mp3](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53230726/Ingo Weidner - Pulse 2 - IW Single preset demos 3.mp3)

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...0demos%204.mp3](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53230726/Ingo Weidner - Pulse 2 - IW Single preset demos 4.mp3)

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...0demos%205.mp3](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53230726/Ingo Weidner - Pulse 2 - IW Single preset demos 5.mp3)

[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...0demos%206.mp3](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53230726/Ingo Weidner - Pulse 2 - IW Single preset demos 6.mp3)




Want to choose between this one, the BS2 or th Sub Phatty. But maybe it’s also an option to get both the BS2 and the Pulse 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this will be a great monosynth. I love everything about the old Pulse except the interface, and of course that’s not changed.

Still, for the music I make I’m better off pairing up my A4 with a Minibrute. Really love the interface on that one.

Actually, the matrix grid has changed for the better on the Pulse 2. Looking at my original Pulse+ with it’s built-in cv/gate in/out midi converter and faceplate, compared to Pulse 2 it’s much more streamlined and when I mean streamlined, do not mean “minimal”, I mean unlike the original Pulse where you have to use the Blue SHIFT button for so many other functions, the matrix I smarter, and anything is better than a two digit LED Screen from 1990’s technology!!
Having the same large screen as Blofeld, being bale to see many menus and page options will make this a joy to use.
The random program generator on Pulse+ as well on my Q really are cool because you can actually ‘specify’ the range and parameters you wish to be randomized, or just go crazy and let it create a sound you may never have come up with otherwise.

I agree that the Minibrute pairs up with A4 quite nicely. Only wished the A4 would record after touch and such when in record mode. It lets you do it ‘LIVE’ though.

Cool thing about BOTH Minibrute and Classic Waldorf Pulse+ (only + model), is both allow you to only have to use one output pair of A4 CV out/gate to trigger my Pulse+, which is ALSO further connected to Minibrute from Pulse+ CV/out Gate/out…kind of a quasi-modular mini chain and pretty powerful sounds.
Still learning to ‘control it’ barring health crap and life. It happens.

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Very nice! Looking at the user manual now and see it definitely has CV/GATE-OUTS and full midi specs. No CV/GATE IN though, meaning the original Pulse+ (only the + model) is a better marriage to the Analog Four until which time (hopefully), the A4 allows full midi out sequencing. Yes, one could run output of Pulse 2 —>external input of A4 and although A4 will not (yet) sequence externally via midi, one could play the Pulse 2 ~live~ via mini keyboard as a way to integrate or just use the MnM external midi sequencer/effects as well!
Sweetwater and B&H Photo both have Pulse 2 listed for $799. USD and can preorder but seems they are expecting shipment pretty soon!
Providing the USA Congress does not shut our gov’t down Sept 30, on Oct 1 when my military pension is deposited, plan on preordering this baby.
Have waited for while for this and these demos really sealed the deal for me!

I was focussing on the Bass Station 2 after being able to check it out in real life but now these new Pulse 2 demos are becoming available and it looks like the Pulse 2 will be a lot more powerfull than the BS2.

The BS2 is a nice synth though with more hands on control but the matrix on the Pulse 2 does look perfectly usable and not that different from how Elektron handles their editting. Can’t imagine that any elektron user will have issues working with the Pulse 2.

I would sequence the Pulse 2, BS2 or Sub Phatty using my MnM so I’m not limited by the CV only output on the A4.

Too much nice stuff available at the moment!

Some available here in the UK.


FYI–The MicroQ and Blofeld synth are not trying to be analog…at all. The Blofeld is quite wonderful for ambient atmospheric music, much better than something like the Solaris or similar software with a box and knobs that sounds weak, and both the Classic Pulse and new Pulse 2 are as real analog you can get from subtle to rip your face off aggressiveness and Classic Pulse is still used by Nine Inch Nails in studio and current tour, Front Line Assembly, and even Brian Eno.
It’s no slouch in the ballsy bass department and will eat both the Bass Station and Mopho as an appetizer.
My Waldorf Q is still much deeper and lethal synth than both of my Virus.

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Ok I caved, got lucky and found a store that had some in stock for a very decent price and a Pulse 2 is now waiting for me when I get home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on the experiences I’ve read from several people and the audio demos I’ve heard I must say that I am really looking forward to start working with this little beast!


Be sure to post some impressions of it. I just sold my SCI Pro One and plan to buy a cheaper mono to replace it (hard to say goodbye but someone wanted to pay me $400 more than I paid for it).

As an A4 owner I need something that’s significantly different sounding- was considering the MFB Dominion X SED because it’s so aggressive and dark, but the Pulse 2 is much snappier and is capable of a lot wider a range.

Sounds really good, but in all honesty there is nothing about the Pulse that wants me to replace it for my DSI Mopho…
Even though the mopho module is a pita to program without the soundtower editor.


I was kinda indifferent about the Puse 2 until I heard the most recent demos that cropped up- it’s a total beast. It’s can do thick pads and paraphonic chord stabs that sound like vintage analog polys that cost thousands. The MoPho is a very solid mono (if you spend the time tweaking it on your computer), but the Pulse 2 seems to be in another class than most other monos, even ones that cost way more.

I have a Pulse 2 preordered as well; I’m very impressed by the demos. I just received my Analog Four today; I really really really hope they implement midi out someday SOON so I could use it with the Pulse 2. Actually, it’s super lame that it doesn’t have midi out…

Been playing around with it for a bit and the sound is pretty damn good. The overdrive modes makes the sound way more aggressive than I anticipated. The TUBE mode delivers some nice harmonics when you apply it gently but the FUZZ mode rips up the sound like nothing else…impressive and both can be extremely useful.

Sadly there is quite a bit of low-end/volume drop when using the resonance. This is something the original pulse did (and a lot of other synths do) as well but I had hoped for this to be a little less obvious.

Other than this you really can’t fault the sound. It’s warm, lush and in your face like you would expect from an all analog synth.

The editing is a different story. Lately I have had the chance to test a Sub Phatty, a Mopho keys and a Minibrute and compared to those the user interface is obviously pretty limited. In some cases this annoys the hell out of me and at other times it’s not really an issue at all.

I’m happy with this little beast so far but I can’t help to think that it would team up wonderfully with a Bass Station 2 due to it’s completely different character of sound and more accessible user interface. :smiley:

I’d better focus on the Pulse 2 for now before looking at other synths. ;0

Volume drop at high resonance levels is pretty much an issue with every analog mono ever made except Moogs =)

I’d be a Sub Phatty owner right now if it was a module: not a fan of the big chunky keys version- but the Pulse is capable of such a wider range, it would still be a hard decision. I had the BS II preordered back in March! But I cancelled it in May when it was delayed to late summer. It sounds great, but I’d rather use my controller with monosynth modules and save the stands for big, beautiful polys!

The Classic Pulse+ I have has a very hot output and having already read the Pulse 2 User Manual twice, it stands true as well with the Pulse 2 as stated in manual.

Thought I’d pass this on as received this from person whom manages the “Waldorfian List”, Till Kopper, a template for an app to use iOS (iPAD, et al) to control main parameters but not all, however nature of app allows one to customize templates to your liking and I saved it for when I hopefully get my Pulse 2 next month:


as the first batch of Pulse 2 units are now on their way to the users, here is a
template for the iOS app “TB MIDI stuff” to control the most basic parameters in
one single patch and still having a tiny keyboard available on the screen at the
same time.
Included Pulse 2 sections:

  • all oscillator parameters, including the ones for unison and paraphonic modes
  • all filter parameters
  • all 2 envelope parameters
  • all VCA and Distortion parameters

Available for free and not password encrypted, so you can change everything to
your like:

keep on turning these Pulse 2 encoders

Till Kopper ]"

Again, gave full credit to Till Kopper with appropriate quotations for this lovely gift.

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