Waldorf Pulse+

Can be a very interesting combination - the Pulse + ( cv ) version seems difficult to find - I didn’t see any second-hand yet :disappointed: . I never used a Minitaur, but if the probl. would be the Elektrons it would have to consistant for all synth’s… I guess … I can’t be shure of my opinion tho …

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I tried my Pulse+ a long time ago with the A4 CV and my lasting ‘impression’ (note: subject to confirmation) was that there was a gremlin in the design
Take the MS20mini, clearly an analog synth, the midi side on the mini converts the MIDI to CV (specifically the key track voltages, so if that side is not calibrated it will sound bad) - so playing it via CV or MIDI it sounds sweet -it’s always a VCO with analog charms
My recollection was that the MIDI side of the pulse + was the ‘playing’ element and the CV in is somehow being meddled with by a different arrangement to the MS - so it sounded glitchy under CV control (it’s either that, or I’m recalling that the pass thru of CV data was glitchy) something in that territory - maybe Google that a bit, or if you find one ask and I’ll confirm what I might have meant - basically something was a bit disappointing, my hunch being that smooth CV control was compromised by the MIDI side, so sliding between notes was chromatically laddering
the Pulse+ is a monster, a huge monster - SOS famously claimed it as a better proposition than a minimoog - it is amazing, I imagine the Moog is pretty tasty and probably won’t have this zipper issue which would be a buzz kill if you like your pitch to drift a bit

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A4 wouldn’t be the weak link in that combo w P+ …
Just rigged it up - it indeed glides chromatically !
Used slide on my SQ1 and compared Dark Energy to Pulse+
The DE will slide’n’glide :+1:
The Pulse takes the stairs ! :-1:

This is true, although in fairness Waldorf did mostly bill this feature as a CV-to-MIDI convertor whose output could also be passed to the Pulse itself.

Also true. :slight_smile:

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Great info ! Thanx … :+1: